Saturday, January 19, 2013

A mountain is nature’s

everlasting castle.

Hello, I thought I would show and tell some of my gorgeous birthday gifts with you. Firstly and very noticeable was this cheeky monkey, and the lovely beads, luggage tag, knitting book (yum!) and lots more.

 Cool gifts

 These were from Heather and I keep looking at the monkey thinking she is trying to send me a message here.

 Cheeky monkey

This book has some sweet patterns in it. There are twin sets which I adore and many other lovely patterns that I can't wait to make.
Sweet patterns
This week I have been dabbling in a bit of everything. Gardening, knitting, sewing and cleaning. Wonder woman you think? No, I'm still on holidays and only have just over a week left then back to work I go. It's amazing when you have a good stretch of time as to how much you can get done.

This gorgeous hibiscus was found at the nursery and came home with us. It has a lovely orange flower that is too lovely. I have planted it in the backyard along with another hibiscus I purchased that had more of a burnt orange colour, but just as stunning.

Still on the sewing front, another couple of simple dolls out of scraps. They have felt faces, beads for eyes, stitched on mouth and rows of lace and ric rac. They are about 6 inches high and the aim was to make something useful for the kids in the library and to use up those bits of materials floating around my sewing shed.

 Aren’t we cute!
White surfing the net I spotted some knitted up licorice all sorts and thought I would give them a shot. Sorry I didn't do them to a pattern but there is one somewhere out there. You could google image or pinterest might have something and find a pattern.
 After surfing the net I came across these simple knitted card holders. I made these two last night. It is just a straight piece of knitting folded and stitched down. I was shocked at how quick they knitted up. Click here for the pattern, you won't be disappointed. Great gift ideas for friends.

Well it's time to be thinking about lunch so I better get cracking. We're enjoying some lovely cooler weather today so I have been able to get out into the garden to do a bit of cleaning and planting. I'll probably have to sit inside if it gets too hot and do some knitting or some pleasantry like that.
Have a terrific weekend gals.
Cheers, Anita.
 Be happy!!
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Val Spiers said...

Very nice presents . The monkey is cute not cheeky. I love the hibiscus plant. It is a lovely colour. You have quite a few things finished there. Glad you are enjoying your holidays.

Jane Galley said...

You can have some of our snow if you like, lol.
That hibiscus is stunning, such a lovely colour.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday, it's lovely seeing someone else getting things made, it looks fun

Karen said...

Lovely birthday gifts and lucky you. I can see loads of fun in those goodies.
That's a lovely hibiscus. I do miss being able to grow those.
Make the most of that last week of holidays. They fly by so quickly.

Fiona said...

haha.. that monkey has just gotta make you smile... enjoy the rest of the holidays...

Lynne said...

Some lovely gifts there!


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