Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yes’m, old friends is always best. ‘less you can catch
a new one that’s fit to make an old one out of.
-Sarah Orne Jewett

Hello,  I can say that I'm having a lovely relaxing Sunday morning.
The weather has cooled down, everything is in check, no hassles!!
We've been out to the garden nursery to select some wonderful shrubs
to place in the garden. Hubby and Brandon came for a drive,
 I should've known there would be chaos if they came!! lol. We had a 
nice chat to the lady that works there, teased each other wildly and then
trotted off home.
I decided to make a cute little monster out of scraps that I just couldn't throw away.
This cute stripey material came in very handy as the body, arms and legs. I had 
2 bits of cream wadding that was the size of 50c pieces so they became the
backing of the eyes, buttons I have, of course, and a strip of red felt.
I had some assorted ric rac left over too, it added a growly look to the mouth!!

Never not knitting as always, I whipped up these little cotton baby pants. I
 just made the pattern up as I went along, but got my inspiration from  these pair.

For my pattern I used 4 ply Gem and cast on 52 sts with number 10 needles.
. K2, P2 across this row.  Keep ribbing correct, rib another 13 rows.
Stocking stitch for 7 and a half inches. K24, cast off 4, K24.
Purl 24sts. On these 24sts only K2, P2 and then repeat this rib for another 5 rows.
 Cast off.
Join yarn to other 24 sts and do the same.
The back and front are made the same way. Stitch up pants and fold over top of
pants ribbing
and stitch it down. Thread elastic through and stitch up. If you don't want to
use elastic you could
do a row of eyelet holes and thread ribbon or cord through the top of pants.
 Do what you choose.
I had a great find at the local library, there on the 'free to good home trolley'
were a stack of craft magazines and books. They came home with me real fast.
Now some of you may gasp, but we went to the rubbish tip and I couldn't believe my eyes.
 Someone had thrown out Mr Snowman, still all wrapped in his plastic and sealed.
I don't know why people don't take these sort of things to the Red cross shop instead
 of the tip. Then you have to scratch your head in disbelief. Places like the Good
Samaritans,Red Cross and other op shops are having rubbish dumped at their
doorsteps and got stuck with a clean up bill and then you have people getting rid of
good stuff and they're taking that to the tip??????
Here is another find. Not a mark on this cane pram!!!!!
Oh the shrubs are some of my treasures from the nursery today. Can't wait to
plant them.
I'm off now to check out some favourite blogs of mine. Hope you're having a
fantastic day and the sewing machine, stitching or knitting is happening at
your house.
Cheers, Anita.

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Jane Galley said...

I can't believe the treasures you found at the library, that will give you plenty to do. Love the monster

Karen said...

Glad you finally made it to the nursery. Hope you get some good weather to plant out those pots.
Wouldn't mind a bit of rain here!
Love the monster. great face!
It's great the way your library gives away the mags rather than just ditch them. there is always someone who will take them.
I like the lovely pram you found. that will be great to display all your lovely work or it will be a great toy for a little one to enjoy! I agree, great find.

Josie said...

Cute Monster! Cute little pants to. Can't imagine being small enough to wear them ;o) Love that cane pram.. what a find. Not so sure about the snowman though.. he's a bit scary. Lovely haul of books and mags from the library too. You've got hairs on your feet this week! :o)

Sandra :) said...

I'm glad the weather has finally cooled down! Love your monster - great use of scraps and bits and pieces - some littlie is going to have fun playing with him :D Cute baby pants too - awwwwwwwwwwww!

Fiona said...

wonderful treasure hunting and a cute little monster...

Lynne said...

Some great finds there! We can't go to the tip so things like that could be dumped but it would be crushed before anyone noticed!


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