Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Timely blossom,
timely fruit.
-English proverb
Hello to you all. With the weather being cooler lately I have taken advantage of some knitting time. My beanie pile is growing, my stash of yarn is getting to reason size and I’m feeling pretty happy about it all.
The beanies are being made for a local church group to take to Africa on their next trip. I will be making all kinds of things for the group in a bid to help the collection. I have seen photo's of some of the places this group visits and we don't know poverty until we see the conditions these people live in.
 I had a few bits of yarn left over so I crocheted a little cylinder doll. Just a few strands of yarn for her hair, stitched on face and a circular base has made this sweetie.
Myth buster!
 There is a myth out there that it is the women that do all the shopping on line, bring home all those bags full of goodies from a shopping know that myth? Well, in our household it is not the case. I have proof.....another parcel rolled up today....for Pixie, or affectionately known around here as Princess Ebay!! You've been sprung boy.

I went to the op shop last week and found this gorgeous bag of dolls and clothes. I have washed it up and thought it would be fun to make something to go with it.

Cute girls
My bead stash is getting out of control now also, so I decided I would make some little sleeping bags for the dolls. I have knitted the bags and added beads to the yarn. I think the kids will love playing with them.
 Interruption!!!!...the postie has just come and guess what's in the letter box???....another parcel for hubby!! Honestly, what can I say??? Smile

Hey I'm off to do some sewing, you guys have the best day.
Cheers, Anita    Posted by Picasa


Jane Galley said...

I just love the hair on the cylinder doll, great fun

Val Spiers said...

The little sleeping bags look gorgeous. You certainly are getting on with the knitting. We both love getting parcels but they are few and far between.

Dolores said...

It appears as if you are keeping busy. I wondered what to do with my little bits of yarn and you've given me several ideas. Many thanks.

Fiona said...

well done with all the beanies.... so great when someone else gets busted for shopping!!

Karen said...

The little beanies are a great idea to make for the group to take on the next trip. And they are something you can whip up very quickly.
The kids will love dolls and their sleeping bags.
When do you have to start back?
Hope some of these parcels start being for you!!

Sandra :) said...

Our mailman laughs when I go out to my mailbox - there are 3 ebayers in the family (plus I Etsy as well) - hubby doesn't even know how to turn the computer on, but the kids and I sure keep the postal service in business with our online shopping, lol!


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