Sunday, December 30, 2012

And the storm rolls in......

Hope gives wings to
the wishes of the soul.

Hello. Do you like ladybirds in your garden? Here are some that have invaded mine! They’re pretty cool, you don’t have to feed them or water them and they don’t bother anyone. They just look pretty. I can't remember where I got the pattern from but I had made some awhile back in a previous post.
Ladybirds in the garden
I found myself up at 3am because I just couldn't sleep, so I decided to take down the washing from the back patio. There were lots of white clothing hanging up so I decided to take them down before the flies got a chance to do fly poo poo all over my washing. Thank goodness I did, we had so many flies this morning. I also got to sew a cushion cover for a much loved cushion that needed recovering. It's quite a big cushion so in my stash was just the right stuff to use. I can see that material pile going down big time!!!
Kids cushion
How about this cute bunny! Very simple, great for using up bit of yarn. I have made my bunny in 8 ply yarn using size 10 knitting needles. I am a loose knitter so I have found size needles are the best for me and you can't see the toy stuffing when you fill the bunny. Click here for this scarily easy pattern.
Cute bunny
I have made mention about our hot weather recently, and yes, it summer but I have been emailing to friends today and I mentioned our weather. At lunchtime we had reached 40C and it had well gone passed that by later in the day. Look at the sky now.....
We have a storm, a bit of rain, thunder and some wind. After days and days of 40C+ it is a relief. I hope we have a bit more rain to cool the place down. Hmmmm my sewing shed might cool down. Maybe I could go and check that out!! Before I go I must let you all know that some how I managed to wipe all my favourite blogs off my sidebar. If you're not there anymore, I'm sorry. I am replacing them as I remember the names of my favourite visiting places. I am a dill. Best wishes for the New Year.
Cheers,  Anita.
P.S. Miss you Heather!!!


Karen said...

You sure do get some really hot days. We don't seem to hit the 40s until the end of Jan and mostly in Feb. I think we have 37 predicted for Thursday.
Glad to see it doesn't stop you from being creative. Lovely projects.
Bit of a bummer losing all your favourites. Good luck in getting them all back.
Hope you get some good rain!

busybusybeejay said...

Oh for some hot weather.It is just grey,cold and wet here in North Wales.Will it ever stop raining.Thank goodness we live on a bit of a hill.So many places have been flooded.

pattas said...

Cute bunny pattern thanks for the link :))
Not sure I could handle the 41 WA is having... Tassie is having some lovely low temps at the moment..
Great for the garden and great for crafty .
Have a great day :))


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