Saturday, April 28, 2012

What have I done wrong?

April’s rare

capricious loveliness.

-Julia C. R. Dorr, “November”

Desperate measures are being made around here. We have had one little escape artist just having the time of her life, getting out of the chook pen is fun.....not if the dog gets you! I have been trying for weeks to find out how our little chicken is getting out of the chook pen and every conceivable escape route has been blocked off. But alas.....she still escapes!!!

I am so sweet!
Here is the head honcho doing guard duty and his bit to help in our quest to catch her out. Pixie stayed there for quite some time, so he was given a cup of coffee to help during his shift. One of my blogger friends has been having a riot of a time laughing at me as I’ve shared with her our attempts to outsmart one little chook.

Me heap big hunting man!!!
I thought I might share with you a photo of a quaint little post office we came across in our travels. The ‘Post Office’ is about the smallest one I have ever seen. Grass Valley is a small country town with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I rather love the sign in the window!!

Gotta love the milk crate in the corner
I made a little girl scarecrow this time and still have a little bit of work to do on her. The head is stuffed with an old basket ball and covered in hessian. She only stands at child height and the kids will love her.

We’re all pretty stoked around our town.....we had some rain today. Rain has been very scarce around our parts, unlike some of our eastern states friends who have been getting flooded. Hope their weather isn’t unkind to them and causes any losses. Back to the sewing shed for me. I am making a bag and purse set for our Mother’s Day raffle being drawn next Friday.
Have a lovely weekend all.
Cheers, Anita.


Karen said...

Good luck to all the chook guards. Looks like reinforcements may be necessary!
Love the pics of the PO. That is just so gorgeous. Love the honesty with the parcels in the tin at the back!!!
Great to see another scarecrow. You'll have a full family soon.
Good to hear you had some rain. And have the temps cooled down for you? I packed away all the Summer clothes this week. i had to finally admit it had ended.
Enjoy your weekend.

webbsway said...

Finely a picture of your little Smartie - pants. Yes, she looks like she is a little trouble-maker.. Isn't funny how a little 3 pound feather -baby can outsmart the best that a crew of humans can do? LOL

O I love the little girl scarecrow! Some how I have missed seeing the scare crow - Paul. Now how did I miss that??????


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