Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Easter

From small  beginnings

Come great things.

-Dutch proverb

I only have three and a half more working days and then it’s holiday time again for two weeks. I plan on making a table cloth with poppies appliquéd on the edges for my ANZAC Day display over the break and other knitting projects as well. On the knitting front I have made several things, one is this cute pink baby beanie. It is knitted in 8 ply and took me next to no time to make.
Heather made this cute button person for me. There are many buttons in this one project but Heather enjoyed herself.

I made these mushroom and cheese quiche, mostly from just slapping everything in the pot and giving it a good stir. No one complained and they were all eaten.

A quick trip to the library yesterday saw me make my way home with a good stash of books. I even collected Heather’s pile of requested books that I will see first!!! That will teach Heather to go away on holidays. Nice things in those books Heather!!

To everyone who celebrates Easter, I take this time to wish you a happy Easter. We will be sharing Easter with friends and having a marvellous time.

Cheers, Anita.


webbsway said...

O Anita!
That little beanie is the absolute cutest! Now all you need is a wee head to poke in it!!!!!!! LOL

I love Heather's little "button -person" - that would make a perfect key-chain person -or maybe hang from the car mirror or even a charm for a light pull? I love buttons so you can see how I like it!!!!!!!!!!

The books look great too-be careful or you might "knit yourself to death" over your holidays.

Karen said...

Hasn't the term flown by quickly? You deserve a break and a rest after all those hot days!
Gorgeous little beanie, and I love the idea of the poppy table cloth.
Enjoy the library books.
Have a lovely Easter.

Country Whispers said...

Happy Easter to you too!


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