Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Cory.

A Mother’s heart is

a special place

Where children always

have a home.

We’re celebrating Cory’s birthday today and we’re wishing him all the best for the day and always. He scored well in the present department and Heather’s gift made him shine all the more. We have had 15 years of delight with Cory. All the best for today Cory.
Lovely presents
A friend has sent me this cute little snail that I have fallen in love with. Sally the snail looks fairly easy to make, though I don’t have a pattern. I might try my hand at making a few. Thanks a heap Suez, I love her.

Sally the snail

Having only a few more days on holidays I have tried hard to get stuck into some of my projects and just a minute ago, I finished my poppy edged tablecloth for my ANZAC display. I had my sewing machine playing silly games on me, not wanting to zigzag at all. I found that my bobbin was in the wrong way, and even after I sorted that out, the girl still didn’t want to comply. But it’s done!

I purchased this book when I was about 20 years old and it has been like a craft bible to me, especially using knitting techniques.

 I had purchased some 4 ply cotton and just couldn’t find the right pattern anywhere. I surfed the net, looked in my pattern collection, in luck. So I just looked in this book of mine, saw the favoured lace pattern and used the amount of stitches on some other pattern. I will have to see what the outcome is on this project, but I am impressed with it so far.

My cardigan

All the nice cardigans I kept seeing were all crochet patterns so when I saw this lace pattern it almost looks as if it is crocheted. I have cast on 102 sts and it seems it be the right size. I’ll show you what it looks like when I have finished. Yesterday the weatherman forecast rain for our area. Early this morning hubby and I looked out the window and thought this couldn’t be right, not a cloud in the sky.......well it’s 1.05pm and it is very overcast now!!! Could it possibly be that we have rain on the way? We’ll see.

Enjoy your day and fingers crossed we get rain.

Cheers, Anita.

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Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Cory!
I hope that sewing machine sorts out for you, too.
Good luck with the rain.


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