Sunday, May 6, 2012

I am creeping my family out!!!

There is more power in
an ounce of faith
than in a ton of worry.

I am totally creeping out my family! I don’t think they feel all too comfortable with so many scarecrows hanging around the place. Next weekend there is a festival on just out of town and they have asked for people to make scarecrows, so I thought I would join in. The scarecrows will end up living in the library so it will be a fun addition to the collection of toys already there.

We are family!

My newest scarecrow is the guy with the blue pants and top on. I couldn’t resist the red long nose just for fun.

I’m getting all excited about the new arrivals that will start to be delivered by the stork. One baby is due today and from then on the other precious bubs will come. I am so impressed with the Patons brand of wool that I have been using, no splitting the yarn, no knots, lovely and soft......I’m happy. Here are some of the projects I have been working away on.

Cute little bootees

 Made with love

Lovely and soft
There is nothing more special than handmade baby clothes and it is nice to see a come back with the new generation of mums appreciating the gifts you make. Some great news from our part of the world.......we have had rain!!! It is very exciting for us, as we are an agricultural town and we haven’t seen rain in months. We have had a steady flow of rain that will soak into the soil nicely and not overload and wash the soil away.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy yourselves with whatever you are doing.

Cheers, Anita.


Karen said...

There's no stopping you when it comes to the scarecrows, is there? They are multiplying!! What fun!
Love the idea of a festival that includes them. Good luck with displaying yours.
And of course your knitting is looking gorgeous!
Have a wonderful week.

webbsway said...

O Anita -Your scarecrow family is so cute! It is neat how they each have their own personality.

Your baby items are just drop dead perfect ! Those little "britches" are so cute and look so comfy.

You and your "magic fingers"-wish mine worked as good as your do!
Shoot, while I'm wishing I might as well wish that my "brain-chip" worked only Half as good as yours!

Vickie said...

well hey your just keepin them on thier toes, least they don't need ot be fed..your knitting is gorgeous and yes I agreeit is great to see more new mums appreciating hand knitted items,cheers Vickie


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