Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Perfect weekend.

Happiness wants
What you already have.

The perfect weekend is happening for us around here. We had to make a dash for the city on Saturday to collect some ordered furniture, making it a trip to the big smoke two days in a row. We made yesterday’s trip in a big truck. Pixie is a great driver and I enjoyed sitting up high in the seat seeing everything differently in a big truck. The weather is fantastic, we’re all relaxed and happy, there’s nothing more we could possibly want or need.

The holidays have been fantastic and I have managed to get lots of projects completed. Nearing its completion is the Australian flag I have been working on. It will be part of my ANZAC Day display in the library.
Made in Australia

Pixie and I stopped in at Spotlight while in the metro area and found this wonderful black cotton. It is a 4ply cotton and will turn into a cardigan for me.
On the knitting front I have made a cute matinee jacket for a special little baby on the way. This is where you can find the pattern.
Made with love for special friends.
It is an unusual pattern in the way that is it started from the neckline rather than the bottom part of the jacket. I thought I would give it a try and it’s fun to knit up.

I have slowly been knitting a collection of beanies and I have tried to mix the colours up so I have a good assortment of colours to give away. I have recently spoken to one of the Grandmothers-to-be and I was so excited for her, she can hardly wait to be a Grandmother.

More beanies for the collection.

We have been watching the football this weekend between breaks and we are excited that the Fremantle Dockers have done well. We are now listening out for the West Coast Eagles game. We watched the movie Red Dog and really enjoyed it. It is an Australian made movie and if you want a good laugh watch it.

I’m buzzing off now to have a craft afternoon....hopefully!!!! Enjoy this wonderful weekend as we have and take care.

Regards, Anita.


Karen said...

Aren't holidays wonderful!! Sounds like you are making the most of them.
Great flag. And those knitting needles are on fire again. Lovely jacket and beanies.
We loved Red Dog, too. Very Aussie.
Enjoy your craft afternoon.

Vickie said...

well read like a fantastic time well done,, gee thought you was going to show a pic of what you picked up?..your knitting is superb well done -and the flag is coming along nicely,cheers Vickie

Val said...

You have been busy in your holidays. I love the flag. It is great the way you make things all the time for your library. The baby jacket is a very pretty pattern. Your beanies are always so cute. I think this is the best Ester weather we have had for years. Glad you are getting it too.

Beeshebags said...

That flag is just wouldn't be willing to share the pattern or the source would you please Anita? I'm making quilts for Aussie Hero quilts & Laundry bags, and this would be great to use in the centre of the quilts. There's a link for them on my sidebar.



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