Monday, January 31, 2011

Mother Nature

We had Mother Nature hit our town this weekend. An alert for cyclone Bianca had been sent out, but we received an unexpected visit from Mother Nature...big time. On Saturday Pixie called out to me and said "Come and have a look at the sky". Because of the excitement in his voice, I grabbed the camera and came running. This is what I saw.....
I started clicking away with the camera...and then noticed that this big cloud was moving very fast. By the colour of the cloud this was a nasty dust storm coming and the temperature was 44C.

 I quickly took off to our elderly neighbours to warn them, as they probably would've been inside due to the heat and may not have even spotted this coming. Paul and Lorraine came outside with me and they couldn't believe what they were seeing.....
These first few pictures were taken within a matter of minutes. while I was standing there with my neighbours, the pace of the wind sped up and you could hear howling of the wind.
This is when I took off running back over the road and when I got to the back door this is the colour the sky turned.
And continued to get darker until you couldn't see an inch passed your nose. We were all inside, even Max our dog came in with us. The boys were pretty calm considering what was going on. Max was scared to death more because he knows he is not allowed inside, so he was more worried about that I think.

This next shot is looking out the front yard, the howling, crackling of things being ripped apart, and the speed of the wind was incredible.

Now... the damage. This is over the road, a giant limb from a tree came crashing down. 
The only damage we had was this tree branch that fell and missed absolutely eveything!!

We had a big family chat and listened as the boys had many questions and told us their feelings of what had happened. After we shared our thoughts with each other of the event that just took place and did a bit of cleaning up, we decided to have a look around and see the damage. It was everywhere.
The damaged gutter on this building was down, but the sheeting on the ground belonged to another building nearby.
The damage was so great, with buildings torn apart, houses with no rooves, we just feel for those who experienced so much damage to their property. This all started at about 3pm on Saturday, with the power going off at that stage. The power returned to our house at 7pm Sunday night. There were about 80 power poles down in town, and have to give it to Western Power, those guys worked and worked on restoring the damage. It was such a big job. We also had 44C on Sunday, so we were all fit to be tied!

Oh and by the way.....I didn't do any sewing or knitting!!! WhaaWhaa!!! It was too hot! Oh and the cyclone fizzled out! That was a no show. To those in Queensland who are expecting cyclone weather, we are thinking of you. May it go easy on you. Catch you next posting.

Kind regards, Anita.


BubzRugz said...

Wow Anita... that is amazing.... and so quick... I would have thought that really scary? was there dust absolutely everywhere in the house????
So hot... no power .... no aircon... oh dear...
Glad you are all fine and no big damage...

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

I have washed all the floors and net curtains and going to hose down the house with the high pressure cleaner when Ian gets home. Have heard of a few more people we know that have lost there roof. Going to be a stinker of a Summer for them. Yay for electricity!!!!
Happy days

Country Whispers said...

How awful and scary that would be.
Glad you didn't have any major damage but feel for those that did.

Karen said...

The photos really do tell the story!!
Amazing how quickly mother nature can do so much damage!
Glad you are all okay!

Robyn G. said...

Hi Anita, so glad you're ok with no damage...remarkable.
You and Bev had a similar day :(

Yes I too feel for those in Qld, just waiting for the next round..
Am very glad the cyclone fizzled out in WA after all.

Take care, very glad you and your family are all ok. :)

Maria said...

Popped over from Bev's. Some specky photos Anita and I am so pleased your family and you are okay. Very scarey indeed.

Amy said...

Oh my! Those photos are amazing and terrifying. I am glad you're ok.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Wow, what a scarey thing to see, but kind of interesting too.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

How awful - so glad to hear that you and your family are safe. Glad you weren't without power for too long.

Rebecka said...

Wow! I was just looking at your photos. I'm so glad you are OK. You had to be really scared. We have tornadoes here in Nebraska. Your cyclones are maybe simular but they have water? Thanks for sharing your experience!


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