Tuesday, January 25, 2011

End of holidays

A book is a friend
-American proverb.

My holidays have almost come to an end and I can't wait now to get back to work and see what the crew got up to over their time off. I have just been given a pile of material, and naturally had to use the bits up. I have made one side of a banner and am still working on the other side. I will show and tell before it goes to school with me.

I have been knitting of a night time for a wee little person still waiting to be born. How precious babies are.
You might recognise some of the colours.......leftover wool from previous projects. I love them all and I have tried to use colours that go with either sex. What ever is not according will go to another baby that I have just found out is on the way. Never a dull moment in this neck of the woods.

As one of my boys slept in until 10.30am and the other one until 1 pm, I thought I would give my sewing machine a good thrashing. It was fun. I have been needing table cloths and colourful prints to use in the library as displays for different subjects. I found some really nice prints.
Ballooning and sailing.
I have lots of bright coloured letters to pin to the display board and can surround these lovely pieces of material with words that go with the subject. I am really ready to start work!!!!!

I had a little rummage through some of the material stash Ruth had given me and found some bits stitched together already, so I thought a plastic bag holder would come in handy for the library.

 I then thought how great it would be to have a giant sized bag to put.......hmmm.....some of the toys in, that I have made for the library. I may need to make a few more of these so they all fit in. At the end of term I always pack the toys away and at the moment they are in boxes. The bag is almost 2metres wide and I've used up bits of floral materials.

It is about 4.30 in the afternoon and I think it is high time to do some housework....oops!! Well I have just been so busy today...sewing. I'll be back on Friday to join in the Colourful Friday group. Happy sewing to you all.

Kind regards, Anita.


Karen said...

All the work you have done for the library is wonderful. So bright and colourful!!!
Enjoy the last few days of holidays!!

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Lots of sewing,using up your stash. Ruth will have to visit you again.
Happy days.


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