Friday, February 4, 2011

Op shop treasures.

That man is the richest whose
pleasures are the cheapest.
-Henry David Thoreau.
Today I'm joining in the Op-Shop & garage sale finds being hosted by Bev. So many of us just love a bargain, or rummaging through Op shops. A friend of mine finds many antiques that people get rid of, not knowing what they have in their possession or the value of it. I am one of those people who just love, love, love to find bits and pieces. Here are some of my finds...........
I just adore finding lace and ribbon, especially those with a different texture or a bit more added to them. Wool and toy stuffing makes my toes curl when I find those. lol. Another interesting find were the gold tassels which I intend to use on some Mother's Day gifts for the school Mother's Day Stall.

A great pile of material made me go into orbit!
You certainly can't leave a tub of beads behind, they have to come home with you.

Another wonder treasure I found in an Op-shop was this lovely wodden paper towel holder. I thought I was super duper to snatch this one up. It is well used in the kitchen I might add.

 I hope you have enjoyed sharing my Op shop finds and do go and visit the other girls and see what they have.

As we are all still getting our homes back into order after our nasty storm, there has been less crafting going on around here. But that will change soon I think. Two of my boys are going gokarting this weekend and the weather is going to be nasty hot, I'm sure. Pixie found a pattern on the net to make some neck coolers. We made some....
They are about 46cm long and are filled with half a teaspoon of water crystals, in each section. We don't know how good they are yet but after the weekend we should have some results.

Enjoy the coming weekend and take care. Kind regards, Anita.


Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Thanks for joining in. You have found some wonderful items. I love that Japanese material,very interesting. I often wonder why people bought the items in the first place. Do you remember making mats with those beads when you were at school? Yes never leave a bargain behind.Happy days.

Country Whispers said...

You got some great finds there.
You'll definitely have to let us know if your neck coolers work out. I've seen them to buy but never thought of making my own.

BubzRugz said...

Lots of lovely finds there.... it is so nice when you find a bundle of treasures at a bargain price... look forward to hearing how the water crystals work... I need to make one of those...

Maria said...

You sure did find some great treasures Anita.

Oh those neck coolers work realy well.Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful finds - cute fabrics and a tub of beads would sure make me smile too :0)

Micki said...

Those were great finds!
I love lace and ribbons too.


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