Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pirate Mad!!

In Charity there
is no excess.
-Francis Bacon.

For me, Sunday is the best day to play catch up. Some of those jobs that I've been plugging away at have been completed. I've been able to keep the housework down to a dull roar, peace and tranquility is with us and all is going well. I had the chance to finish my pirate flag today!! I'm so excited, I've gone mad I'm sure.
I have no pattern for this at all. Simply getting an idea of skulls and bones and away I went. The black material is just some fleece that was laying around, the white skull and bone is from leftover white linen and of course I found some other black material later and that went on the back. Buttonhole stitch around the white material and there we have a pirate flag.
I have threaded through some rope on the lefthand side and I haven't tried to fly it at all, the neighbours might become concerned, if they're not already!!!!! I've always had a thing about pirates but I think the movie Pirates of the Carribean might've set me off again.

On the knitting front, I have been in baby mode and couldn't resist knitting up some little items for King Edward Memorial hospital in our state. The hospital specializes in premature babies. I often knit for them.  Check out these tiny boots. The pink ones across the foot measure about 1and a half inches. Tiny!!
I just have to make the cord to run through the eyelets and they're done. Oh I also found some big pieces of material in the scrap bag and have made a couple more tableclothes for my library displays for work.
There's no rest for the wicked really!! I have started on another project that I will give you a sneak peak of......
I wonder what this is??!! lol. I am going to start on the buttonhole stitching as soon as I finish my post.

I've really had the most wonderful week, enjoying my three darling's on holidays. Tormenting my husband (the best fun) and celebrating Heather's birthday. this week Heather and I went out for morning tea to celebrate her birthday....the trouble we had finding a cafe that was open, not full of people etc, was unreal. Finally we found a special place and sat our weary bones down to a lovely cup of tea. Of course we needed to have lots of tea because we talked so much there was smoke coming off our tongues!! lol. I hope you enjoyed your birthday Heather.

Enjoy the new week ahead and happy stitching to you all. Kind regards, Anita.

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Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Great Pirate flag. Love the little booties, you certainly wouldn't need much wool for them.
Happy days.


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