Sunday, January 16, 2011

Girls Corner

The door to wisdom swings
on hinges of common sense
and uncommon thoughts.

Yesterday two of my boys went gokarting, Brandon stayed home with you all know what that meant.....sewing!! I had been given so much material throughout last year, that I did know what to do with, but was a bit pushed for time. I have managed to hack away at the pile, as I knew I would, and made many fun things for the library, oh and for us at home.

My latest project is a wall hanging made from scraps of girly materials and calico. I have been itching to make two wall quilts, well they're more like banners really. A Girls Corner and a Boys corner, and a display of books that would go well for each gender.
The lettering is done using felt and I wanted the line of letters to be uneven...give it the kid look. I buttonholed the letters and found a leftover flower that I appliqued on and also buttonholed.

The finished work is about 4ft long x 2ft wide. The blocks are roughly 6inches in size and the colours seemed to match together. For the backing I used calico and all I have to do is stitch up the bottom where I pulled the work through.
I did have more of the dark squares left but forgot to take pictures of what I made. I'll show you next posting.

I went for a quick drive this morning to take a photo especially for you to look at, it is one of my childhood haunts.
When we were kids this was like one of the best places to hang out. There were a tribe of us kids that lived up the street, so you can imagine how much fun it was to play here. You might laugh, but this is a sale yard. When I was small there were sheep, cattle, pigs, ducks, chooks and other animals sold here.  They still use this place but usually you will only see sheep being sold here.

The ramp shown here was the most posh and grandest play thing you could have. Only the luckiest kids got to pretend this was their castle. There were a tribe of us kids at any time, so you had to abide by the rules. Many a day I would sook because I wasn't with the group of kids that had the palace!! There were lots of other places to choose from around the grounds. lol.

This building was actually a Butter and bacon company back in about 1918. I wish I could get my hands on a photo of the premises as it was back then. The photo below is the inside and I remember being scared to death of these big pens with slats of wood on the top. What on earth would you hold in must be a monster (I thought as a child).
They were to hold the boars and when I first lay eyes on the size of a boar, I was terrified. I was so glad the tops of the pens had slats of wood. You just can't please some people!! The next photo is of a row of pens (as they are called here)....normal sized ones.

One thing that has been fun is I have been able to share some of my childhood haunts with my boys. I must be honest though, I'd forgotten the smell of sale yards!!! Hey guys, thanks for coming down memory lane with me, it was fun. I love that sort of stuff and I must say...I wonder what things my boys will remember of their own childhood haunts?

Happy sewing to you all.
Kind regards, Anita.

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Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

I have never seen inside those buildings. Thanks for daring to enter to show us the inside.
happy days.


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