Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who's a spoilt girl then?

Cheerfulness and goodwill
make labor light.
-Danish proverb.

I am back in action now after suffering the worst case of
sinus that I have ever had. No knitting all week! No sewing...just laying there doing

Bev and I had a Paper Bag Swap this month, and it was the
first one I'd ever done. What fun!
The rule was 1 fat quarter, 1 metre ric rac or ribbon, 5 buttons and you could add whatever
you liked. I gave Bev 2 fat quarters and all the other bits and look at the goodies she
made me. I feel so spoilt! I can't wait to use my knitting bag, bookmarks are
always handy as I am a reader, the wall hanging is just delightful and the pincushion will
certainly come in handy.

I had fun making Bev's gifts up too...
I managed to make several items ...
The little doll is called "Lovely Lucy" which I thought was very appropriate for
Bev as she has a daughter called Lucy. I decided to add an ankle bracelet
and felt hair to the pattern. A cup holder for Bev with a cup inside....Bev loves
her cuppa and also a little doll purse with...
I enjoyed doing the Paper bag swap and look forward to doing another one.

I had also managed to start on a pair of socks before I fell ill, and this is as far as
I have made it. Tonight I'm going to attack my knitting, because unfortunately
my housework has dropped back a bit. Thank goodness Pixie was home on the
day I was real sick because he did all the helpful bits like, pick children up from
school, dishes, keep the fire going. He is just priceless, a true treasure.

I had also made a start on some stitching as well, and have finished the stitching. This is going to be a shoe bag when it is made up.
Today I will catch up on my housework and I'm on target with what I need to do. I cooked
Pixie a lovely breakfast this morning...sort of a thank you for taking care of me this week.
The ironing beckons me and I need to buzz off now. Hoping you are all enjoying
this lovely weekend. Today is derby day between the Eagles and Dockers in football.
Go the Eagles!!!!

Kind regards, Anita.


Cubby House Crafts said...

Pleased you are feeling better! Lovely gifts that you ladies made
Lisa ʚϊɞ

Vickie said...

Oh dear I very much know how you have been feeling..horrid blasted sinus-good to hear you are feeeling better.Great that Pixie was able to be there and help you out priceless indeedy..what lovely items you and Bev both made each other..and your new pair of socks are looking fantastic,cheers Vickie

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Thank you for the lovely swap items. May I just ask who won the footy. Go the Dockers!!!!


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