Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finished blocks

Love is a
great beautifier.
-Louisa May Alcott

Another glorious week is flying by....can't believe the catchup
that has been going on around here after last week! Managed to
get all the washing and ironing in order, same with all the other house work....only to
start all over again! This weekend Pixie and Cory are off to Lake King, which is
a 5 hour drive away from home. Brandon is getting prepared to work in Perth for
2 weeks with his cousin Mike (school work experience) and a bit of driving for me to
do. I will have this weekend to do lots of sewing and knitting, but as always
I'll be concerned at how all my boys are going. I doubt that feeling will ever
stop for me.

In the meantime I have finished some patchwork blocks and now that it is the end
of the month, I can show and tell.
These are going towards the quilt Bev and I are making. The theme for the
month was angels. I chose a simple style and buttonholed around
the figures. You can't see the wings very well but they do look nice and
are very noticeable when you look at the quilt. I had some matching materials
so decided they would all look nice together. The bodies of the angels are made
from scaps that I couldn't throw away.

 I have some of the materials left over so I might be able to sneak in a
cushion cover as well for a friend.

I have almost finished my shoe bag as well but will show the end product when I do the last
of the stitching. I went to the local library and found a great book.....

With the annual show coming up, I'm sure I could find some great things to knit from this
book...if not Easter will come around again!! I have found some lovely vintage patterns to knit,
so hopefully I will get them finished in time to enter them into the show. Some lovely baby jackets and socks
that look nice.

I've decided to cook a lovely fat chicken for tea tonight, so I best go and see how
that's all going.  Will catch you all in a few days time. Kind regards, Anita.


Bev C said...

Love the Angels Anita,lovely and bright. I hope the chicken you are eating is not one of yours!!!
Good luck with the show entries. Enjoy this lovely weather.
Happy days.

Country Whispers said...

Those quilt squares are quite cute. I love the bright happy colors.

Vickie said...

great to hear you got caught up with the household duties-it's a great feeling....yes dear that feeling about your boys will stay with you your angels blocks and the fabric way cool, cheers Vickie

Micki said...

The angels are beautiful Anita! Great job!


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