Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gone sock mad!

How beautiful, how buoyant,
and glad is morning!
-L.E. Landon, The Book of Beauty.

Another great week has
just zipped by and I have managed
to get many things done.
I did do something silly though, I have lost my car
keys! I have Pixie's set of keys but still
cannot find my own. Pixie went to pick the boys
up from school and I yelled out to him that I
would come with him. I put my keys down and
immediately thought 'that is a silly place to leave
them'. And what do you know, they're missing.
If anyone has a psychic mind please let
me know where I put them.

Today I quickly whipped up some curtains
for Cory and Pixie's go kart trailer. The material
had been given to me a while ago and has now
come in very handy. The material had to be thick
to help keep the warmth in the sleeping compartments.
Yes! the trailer has beds.
I have now used a bit more of my material stash.

I have also knitted socks this week. I found a cute
pattern on the net that could be downloaded.
I knitted the socks from a big reel of wool that I had
found at the Op shop. It is a plum colour and very
soft wool.

I fell hard for the pattern itself. Very easy pattern indeed. If
you would like to try them, go to Kala's blog. They are called
Laizy Maizy socks.

After making these socks I went for a quick
trip with Pixie to the craft shop. While Pix looked for
what he wanted I found more wool.
The brand is Lara Lamb and though I have never
knitted with this wool before, I'm willing to
give it a go. It feels nice and soft. It is a 4ply wool
and I can't wait to start. I was at it, I spotted some lovely
baby wool. I need this for my show item.
I'm happy to say that I think My friend Dianne has also
got the knitting bug. While visiting her up in Geraldton
we had a discussion about knitting. And a phone today
confirmed there will be some knitting up her way. Good
on you Dianne.

As the weather is chilly out my way, I think I better go
and do some knitting. My house is full of boys, the
fire is going nicely....all I need now are my knitting
needles and a cup of tea. Kind regards, Anita.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

You did a brilliant job of the socks - they are perfect for this cold weather we are having! Your stash is growing nicely - looking forward to seeing what you make next.

Bev C said...

Anita,your socks turned out just perfect. Lovely to be able to buy 100% wool. Happy knitting.

Micki said...

I love your socks and the colour you chose! Boy, you knitted them quickly!


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