Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hooray Brandon is home!

A child is fed
with milk and praise.
-Mary Lamb, Poetry for Children.

Our boy is home with us! The nest now feels warm and snug.
While Brandon went away for 2 weeks...and
enjoyed himself....his Mother counted down
the days until his return. I have to say
comfort was found in the fact Brandon went
to stay with family in Perth, but it didn't
feel the same as if he was home.
Welcome home Brandon.

I did manage to keep myself occupied over the
last 2 weeks with knitting and sewing. Over the
next week schools all over celebrate Children's Book
Week. This year the theme is Across the Storybridge.

I was busily stitching away at the banner
we will display in our school library.

With the lovely bits of scraps that couldn't possibly
be thrown away, I made all the letters and hand
stitched each letter down to a backing material.
The banner will be displayed with some of the
characters I have sewn or knitted that are in the
library already.

I also worked in the office on Friday morning as
one of the staff members there is on holidays. Gosh it was busy in that office!

It was good to work and keep busy however, because
it was the day we were picking up Brandon. As a thank you
to Lee and John for having Brandon for the 2 weeks, we
thought some lovely cushions and nice reading books
would be nice.

Today I am battling to keep up with the chores, but
my intentions for today will be to have a nice
knit-a-thon with Heather...we were hoping for some
sunshine, but I think we're going to dip out on that
hope. There are big looming grey clouds overhead, with a
dash of blue sky every now and then.

I'm truly happy with my lot and give thanks every day for the blessings I have. A new week will start and I wonder what
that lovely week will bring. Wishing you all a terrific week ahead.

Kind regards, Anita.

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Sue-Anne said...

Welcome home Brandon! I love your banner Anita, have fun with book week.


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