Sunday, August 15, 2010

Busy Bee Sunday

It is good to
embrace a hope.
- Ovid.

I don't know where this week has gone, but I have to say...
nothing seemed to get finished around here. In
the way of crafts anyway.
My lovely niece Lisa gave me the book
'Twilight' for my birthday way back in January,
and not being a big reader of fiction or having
much interest in vampires, I did not
pick the book up in a hurry.

As the months ticked on Lisa would ask if
I had started reading that book. I decided that
I at least had to give it a try.....could I put that book
down? Not a chance. I started reading it and couldn't
stop. I imagined blood, guts, biting and it was
none of that. I then decided to watch the movie,
I very much enjoyed the movie but the movie took
big strides compared to the book. Still a very good
movie. No swearing, no sex and no blood and guts.
Thanks Lisa for putting me onto it.

I did manage to get a bit of sewing done but can't show
it yet. And I did get to knit. I found this unusual
hat pattern in the vintage knitting section.
The bottom of the hat is rolled up and the top
of the hat if left open and the seam is stitched down
at the front of the work. I used the lovely wool purchased
from Toodyay.

Also made up is this sweet little jacket with pichot edging.
I haven't pressed it or anything yet. I'm a bit partial to the
zig zag pattern.
Oh...I have now made a start on another little piece, a cute jumper. If it turns out nice I will enter it in the show.

The pattern hasn't come out in the photo, but it is a nice pattern. I love the colour of this wool as there is not too much flecky going through it.
Now that I have the reading bug again, I happened to
walk passed the book case and discovered a book I
have not read yet. I have started on it and am really enjoying
It is about a family growing up in outback Western
Australia in the 1930's - 1940's. The book so
far is describing the layout of the property ie where
the kitchen is and what it looks like ; the bathroom
with a tub made from cement. It's just a great book
so far.

I'm off to do a busy bee today with the Agricultural
Society. We're getting things ready for the show
in a few weeks. I can only stay for a few hours
as I have to come home, pack Brandon's bags
and take him to Perth for his last week of work
experience. I will be glad when it's finished.

Have a great week and I hope you get lots of things done
that you enjoy. Kind regards, Anita.


Bev C said...

Love the purple knitting Anita. I noticed the lovely cross stitch book mark.
Happy days.

Micki said...

I see you are hooked on Twilight now...You have three more books to read!


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