Sunday, August 29, 2010

Almost showtime

Friendships are like flowers - some last a few
days, some last much longer: The best ones will
thrive if they're given tender loving care.

It's almost showtime in the Avon Valley district, everyone
is getting excited about the show and their
show entries. The pavilion will fill up
with wonderful creations of crafts, cake making
and all the other exciting bits that go along
with it.

I have been busy knitting some items....
I found a terrific vintage pattern including layettes and
children's gear, so I have opted for the more
traditional styles. I have not sewn the buttons or
ribbon onto the items yet, that will happen
during the week. There are rules to sewing buttons
and ribbons on correctly, so I have to check those
rules out first.
The jumper has turned out really nice and I am pleased
with it. The wool I have used on these items
was purchased while on our little jaunt to Toodyay.
I have managed to do some stitching as well, however one
piece of work can't be shown yet as it is a paper bag swap
and we haven't done the swap yet. I have found a
cute little pattern in an older edition of Australian
Country Threads.
This will actually be a disc holder you can attach to
your sunviser in the car. It is held on by elastic and
would be very handy to have in the car. I have made this
for me!
In the pattern the word is 'Mum' instead of Friends. But I thought
if I put friends there, it would remind me daily how
important my friends are to me. I can see this
being made again as a gift, very nice pattern and a
useful gift for someone.

My tribe has just returned from a weekend of
gokarting and they're full of stories and stuff they want need
to tell me about. One other thing I have to do today is
find out where my little escape chook is managing to
get to out from. I have plugged every spot I can think
of that she might be getting out from, but I'm
obviously missing a spot.  Wish me luck.
Kind regards, Anita.


Vickie said...

fingers crossed this post will appear...oh I so love your knitted garments they are gorgeous..and your stitching is lovely..good luck with finding the chooks escape route,cheers Vickie

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Good luck with the show entries. Maybe your chook needs its wing clipped.
Happy Monday.


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