Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sad Sack

Hold on to your dreams;
they will help guide you on
your own path to happiness.

I've been missing for a while, but I'm back. Since starting my school holidays, it has been run, run, run. It is amazing how the Easter break can keep one so busy and I thought I was prepared and organized. On the Saturday before Easter I went to visit my niece Lisa and her family to drop off Easter eggs for her two darling boys.  I had a nice trip there all by myself as my three darlings were engrossed in some action movie. As I drove I got some much needed singing therapy in. lol. Had the best visit, lots of tea and a lovely drive home.

In the craft department, I have managed to get quite a bit done. Do you love my little Sad Sack. A character from the TV program Play School.
Isn't Sad Sack so bright!! I love the nose.
The tie is knitted in garter stitch and then with the crimson, you use a running stitch to make the lines. The Sad Sack is knitted in 8 ply wool, all from my stash, that is starting to slowly dwindle down. Three big bright yellow buttons down the front, they are also from my button stash. I know Heather is just so happy I've used buttons, that's three more buttons she has than me.

Can you see what's happened now? Some blue and white wool has jumped on my needles and now I have to make Banana's in Pyjamas. giggle giggle.
The patterns are in the book titled: The book of knitted toys by Robyn Earl-Peacock. Well the good thing is I am using all my wool up, so I feel right in all this knitting. I have also been stitching as well!
Another block done with chooks on it....I'm slowly getting there. I have another piece of stitching in the hoop, just about to start, so I'll get through that in good time.

I do have to admit going to the Op shop again only to find a yummy piece of material. Not sure what I will do with it yet, but it will become something.

Why would you get rid of this cute fabric?

Well I have also done something a bit different from what Anita usually does. At work there are all these letters to use for displays and I thought if I were to laminate them, they would last longer, so...

I will be able to use these when I get back to work and put up some great displays. One display will for sure be ANZAC Day.

We are off to the big smoke tomorrow to visit the Museum in Perth. They are having a display of war medals, that are over in the West of Australia for a couple of months. If we don't see them, we will have to fly to Canberra to see them again. We will take the opportunity now. Another trip to Perth on Friday to have Brandon's braces fitted, so I think it will be a short visit to Perth. Brandon won't feel like visiting anything after that. He will have lovely teeth when they come off though.

Wishing everyone a lovely week and hope you can do as much sewing or stitching as you like. Kind regards, Anita.


Cath Ü said...

WOW... knitting again... they look lovely... I hope you all have a lovely visit looking at the war medals.....

Love the fabric you got too....
Cath's Blog

Cath Ü

Jess Moore said...

Your sad sack doll is fantastic!


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