Friday, April 23, 2010

Here's Fido!

I think there are as many kinds
of gardening as there are of poetry.
-Joseph Addison.

I finally finished Fido and what a cutie he has turned out to be. He has these legs that point outwards and he has a tail that sticks up. Now that he is just can't have a playschool collection without Mr. Squiggle. I am waiting to see if Heather has any yellow before I start Mr. Squiggle, as all of my yellow is too bright. I might have to go to the Op shop and have a look for a bit of yellow.

I really love the harness on Fido. You cast on 200 stitches, knit one row and then cast off. That's how simple the strap of the harness is. And the girth is made by casting on about 60 stitches, knit 25 rows and then cast off. How easy is that!
I have also completed this months challenge with Bev. When I checked Bev's blog to see what she had made, I just knew it would be something sewn. Bev probably will have guessed I would've done some knitting.
I found an interesting fingerless mitten pattern on the internet...drats I can't find my printout to share with you......however, these mitts are made from 8 ply wool. Fingerless mittens are usually knitted in 4 ply, or the patterns I've ever knitted have been in 4 ply anyway. These knitted up really fast and they will go to a good home. Probably in the go kart trailer for cold winter days. Notice the colour of the mittens? Yes.....the good old bottle green wool, I have a hundred yards of the stuff. I still hope to knit a frog or something with all the rest of the green.
Oops! who's been to the Op shop then? Some great little finds. I had to pick up these great cooking book and actually I am getting hungry just looking at the front cover. Cooler weather is coming in and yes doesn't it make you want to eat something nice and warm. I have been buzzing around my garden lately too. It's amazing what you can do once the weather cools down. There will be more gardening going on during the cool weather.

After I took photo's of my books I went to put them in a safe place and look what I found hidden away.
This has been missing for ages. It has a little stand it sits on but some how they were separated. That's what happens when you put things in a safe place. And guess what.....because I couldn't find this part and knew where the stand was, I decided to put the stand in a safe place until I found the wooden piece. Now do you think I know where the stand is......nope.

I obviously missed seeing a lovely sunset again, I went to download my photo's for this posting and Cory has been at it again. He did say the other night there is a nice sunset and I did hear footsteps on the roof. My son is turning into Fiddler on the roof.
Mother Nature really gives us some wonderful visions.
I need to be going now to tackle my daily chores. I plan to keep the weekend as free as possible of house work so some more gardening can get done.

 This weekend will be spent remembering all the men who fought and died at Gallipoli, giving up their lives to make sure Australia stayed a free country. I am very grateful.

                   Lest We Forget

                            With respect, Anita.


Bev C said...

Hello Anita, Love the fingerless mittens, you got to use some of that bag of wool. Did you see the sun this evening, with all that smoke it was amazing. Enjoy the time time in the garden.
Happy days.

Micki said...

Love the doggy...just so cute!

em's scrapbag said...

The cook books look great! I love to look through cook books. The doggy is adorable.


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