Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to work

The bird is known by his note,
the man by his words.
- English proverb.

Finally! I've gone back to work....yay! It was just great to get back to work and see everyone. All the chit chat and giggling, what a pleasure to go back to that. Lots of happy and positive people, what more could you ask for! While I was on holidays I did get to do a good quota of knitting and sewing done, and that was amongst keeping a particular boy occupied.

I was really pleased to get my cute little dragon finished. Here he is...

I have made a few changes, as you all know I have stacks of buttons......many more than Heather. lol. I wanted dragon's nose to stand out, so I used red thread to do the nose. If you love dragon as much as I do, the pattern came from Australian Homespun (No. 81) Vol 11.2). His name is Darrius. I wanted to use my scraps of material up, so I used what I had on hand. He is now living at the library and the kids will get to him tomorrow. I just love the nose..

Today at work Lovely Lyn said to me that she had 2 bags of material for me!!! eeeek! with excitement. I'm usually very well mannered but I almost tore her arms off in my quest to get to the bags. I felt like giving her a big kiss, instead I poked fun at her about how many cups she had laying around the place.

As mentioned I did do some stitching as well as knitting. My row of chickens is now complete and I will take some shots for show and tell next time. I have joined them together with some lovely will have to wait though. Just while I'm on a roll, Bev will be happy to know that I have finished our challenge of the month - something for a male!!

Now I'm off to do something female and that is get tea cooking. It is a challenge to cook for someone wearing braces so I'm on the lookout for new recipes to keep things fresh and interesting. A little while ago Cory asked me if I could say Írish wrist watch' really fast. Can you? Kind regards, Anita.


Vickie said...

oh really you like dragons eh? Hmm do you like cross stitch hmmmmmm?..your dragon is a beaut-can hardly wait too see the pic of your chickens stitchin...oh wow bags of fabric yeah you go girl ..hope dinner was yummo..wishing Cory all the best with his eating challenges due to the braces,cheers Vickie

em's scrapbag said...

The dragon is delightful. Love the nose and flowered belly. He just makes me smile.

Sue-Anne said...

Your dragon is really cute and I love the cross stitched nose!


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