Saturday, April 10, 2010

My wonderful week

Make happy those who are near;
and those who are far will come.
- Chinese proverb.

Hello to you all. What a week I've had! Getting myself addicted to the knitting book I showed in my last posting, I have now knitted Sad Sack, Bananas in Pyjamas and almost finished Alfred the Hot water bottle. If you don't know them, they are some of the characters from Play School, a children's TV program. Here is Bananas....
I just have to stitch on the buttons, a job for tonight.
During this week we went for a trip to Perth and stopped in to see my sister-in-law Lee. I got Pixie to take a couple of photo's of some favourite things of mine, that is at Lee and John's house. First of all is the Herb garden....

John made this himself, he is very clever. Typical farmer's boy using old farm bits to make things. I just love that wheel and if I could get away with it I would stick it up my top and walk off with it. lol. The container part of the structure is made from old rocks, it looks crash hot in real life. Lovely herbs as well.

The other favourite thing is the dog house. Lee and John have a dog called Ky (I think that's how it's spelt!) and he is a big sook sook. This is a photo of his house called the "Taj MacKy".
Ky even has his own Bob the builder couches.

While we were visiting Lee, she was having a big cull and asked me if I would like anything that was to be given away. See what I came away with....
Aren't they just gorgeous! I have been eyeing these two beauties for years now, wishing I had bought ones just like them. I also took home a cane basket, tupperware spice containers and dishes.
Oh who's the big mug in the background? pressing his nose.
I thought I would take a close up of the pattern on one of the stands. Just love it.
On Friday we had to go to Midland, a suburb before Perth, to get Brandon fitted with braces. Poor love, his face ached that night. We have been giving him pain killers to help and they're doing a good job of it. Brandon will have lovely teeth when the braces come off and he is being an absolute champion in the whole situation.

My darling Heather phoned me up this morning to tell me about some material at a craft stall. The stall was being held at a home called Uralia House. It is an old historic house and just a dream inside. Of course I told Heather if I find too much good material I would phone her back with all sorts of abuse. This is a picture of the house first of all.
How horrible to have to live in this lovely, grand and the garden, yum.
So then I go and have a look at the material and come home with some valuable treasure.
There is a fair bit of material in each little bundle and it all cost just $5.00. I was stoked. I immediately went home and phoned Heather. When she picked up the phone, all I said was "Cow" and we both cracked up laughing. I did share my finds with Heather and then had to phone up Bev and tell her about the stall as well. I wonder how Bev went?

I have been a good girl and done all my chores so tonight I am thinking some knitting and stitching will happen. Pixie and Brandon (sore face and all) have gone out for a while, Cory has his best friend Corey over for a sleep over and I lol.

I am now going to make a shepherds pie for tea and then relax. Still have one week left of holidays to go and intend to spend the time wisely. Oh we have just come across a new hobby - darts. The two boys have just gone mad over it and they have both discovered something interesting about their Mother. She can't throw a dart to save her life. I am a bit concerned about where the dart board is set up because I could easily smash the window with a dart! There is a big board set up behind the dart board as well - for safety reasons.

When the boys first saw me throw a dart they cracked up laughing. The first dart hit the house, the second dart bounced off the wire, rebounded onto the brickwork, where instantly sparks flew off the dart. Honestly I have never seen that happen before. Cory just went to pieces.....oh and honestly I don't know where the third dart went because I was laughing so hard.

Have a great weekend of relaxing and crafting. Catch you all in a few days. Kind regards, Anita.


Sue-Anne said...

I love your "Banana in Pyjamas". That house you visited is magnificent. I hope your son's mouth feels better soon and DARTS! We made the mistake of letting one of our boys put a board up in his room. When I went to repaint it, I was horrified at how many pin holes were actually in the wall. The boys loved it though.

Cubby House Crafts said...

Love your herb garden! Very clever!

Micki said...

That house you sent to is just incredible! I would have loved to tour around that one!

Bev C said...

Yes I did buy a few things, kept myself on a tight leash though Anita.
Have a happy Sunday.

retdairyqueen said...

Of course you had to have all that valuable material
Great house
I see lots of knitting still happening

Country Whispers said...

When my plan gets messed up then there is always something for a backup. It may just be soup and sandwiches, breakfast foods or grilling out but it always fills their tummies.
Oh how I wish I could learn to knit. I can crochet but being left-handed I have had much trouble teaching myself to knit. All the books are for right-handed people and I get confused as I try to change things around.
I guess I will just stick to crochet for now.
Have a lovely day!

Cath Ü said...

Oh I love those stands... good score... on the fabric as well... herb garden looks good.... Ronnie and I have been digging like crazy people getting ready to have a new water tank installed to morrow.. it is in the ground and boy did we have to dig some dirt out and then fill with sand...
Cath's Blog
Cath Ü


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