Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playschool mad

Cultivating friendships
provides nourishment
for your heart.

I am so thrilled at all the giggles, smiles and emails my last posting gave to people. I also giggled. Laughing and smiling are so infectious, it makes you want to keep laughing for ages. I have had so many reasons to giggle lately, maybe I've got myself in such a state that I can't stop. I have had so much fun with the boys over the holidays, maybe that's added to the non-stop laughing.

I have had some nice afternoon tea's with friends over the holidays, and a flow of my boys friends coming over. So the balance of doing fun things with my boys and getting some time to myself to sew has been pretty even. I wanted to share some more characters from Playschool with you, because now I have made four of the characters. I have now made Alfred and Jemima and here they are....
Alfred is a hand puppet. He is knitted in 8 ply and inside is wadding to fatten him up and give him some strength to stand up. He has a black plug and orange plug handle. He was super fun to make. Jemima is also made from 8ply wool, and slowly but surely my wool stash is getting a hole in it.

I have used a fair bit of the bottle green in the last few toys I've made but you know what.........there's more....lots more. Hmmm maybe I can find something else to knit using bottle green, a frog maybe? Have to keep my eyes open. Jemima's hair has been done in a black 12 ply, as the pattern recommends. I have a bit of the black left over as well.

Oh I have been able to put those knitting needles down long enough to do some more stitching. I am thinking I'm a bit special for being able to do that.

Yes I'm still on the go with this one. I really love redwork...oh I love all colours, but red is something else! I'm hoping to finish this shortly and then put some patchwork around the stitching. Did I mention I have a stash of scrap material?? Now that the boys are older I have been able to keep my scraps for my own projects. My two boys were real big on dress ups (they would love me saying that...giggle giggle). So they used to get my scraps and make things out of them: headbands, hats, wrist bands when they were super heroes, etc. Now they are my scraps once again.

I'm on the look out for some tiles. Anyone know of a friend or someone that has tiles like these?

The tiles are 6 inches across and I need about 12 of them. We had some plumbing done in the kitchen and I was going to replace the tiles with new ones, but I love these tiles. I want to try and find some before I have to replace them with a more modern tile. Email me if can help. I didn't get to paint Cory's room yet but I'm still going to fit that in soon.

I'm off to give Cory a rematch in Yahtzee, the rotten little stinker blew me away throwing 3 yahtzee's in our last game. I'm still licking my wounds. lol. Can't be too harsh with him, he did make me some lunch today as I've been suffering with a sinus headache since last night. It seems to have lifted now, I can open my eyes!! Everyday is a great day.

I have started making a cute dragon too and I will show him when I have finished. He will go and live in the library with Alfred and Jemima. I will catch you all soon and have a happy day. Kind regards, Anita.


Vickie said...

such a clever chooky you are with your knitting-glad to hear you have been enjoying the holidays with the boys.ahhh afternnon tea with friends sounds delightful...looooove your stitchery....sorry can't help with the tiles..cheers Vickie

em's scrapbag said...

A frog would be perfect in the bottle green.
The redwork is looking great.

Sue-Anne said...

Your Playschool family is growing and I love the chook on the chair.

Micki said...

You have been so busy! I love everything that you did!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Jemima was my favourite Playschool character. What fun you are having making them all.

Cath Ü said...

Hi Anita... I haven't been ignoring you... I cannot send e mails from my private addy... apparently I am a spammer... LOL

Trying to have the problem sorted now... hope they can fix it for me...

Love all the things you have knitted.. How's the sinus headache now and did you beat Cory at Yatzee...?????
Cath's Blog
Cath Ü

Karen said...

The redwork chicken is going to be a cutie!

Prathima Trellis said...

WOW! what a great idea. very creative. lovely!
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jess Moore said...

Did you make the purple dress for the Jemima doll as well?


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