Sunday, November 6, 2016

Look for something positive in each day,
even if some days you have to look a little  harder.
Hi my lovely friends, where did that week go? I have been working full time these last two weeks and it has reflected in the amount of crafting I have been able to do....or not do. I have just run a marathon at work cataloguing and covering hundreds of books. I am so grateful that I was given extra hours in which to do so and now I only have a couple of hundred more books to go. Lol
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This week I was able to crochet a little baby jacket in a very simple but effective pattern. It is crocheted in 8 ply yarn and in a dusky pink. I’m not certain I particularly like this dusky pink, but someone will love the colour.

Our Ag. Society wind up was last night and every year young Fiona presents certain people with little gifts and a funny yarn (story) about something they got up to during show time.....and beyond.

It was pretty hilarious as to what people received and after hearing the story behind each person’s gift, I am worried at how Fiona’s mind works.
Here is what I received....I say no more; I am innocent.
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(For my Italian blogger friends, this is what is written on the pencil case....I Fart Rainbows). 
 I keep promising to start up a Facebook page and that will be my next mission. This cute tea cosy will be one of the items for sale. It won first prize at the show, so I am happy about the quality and would love to see it make someone else happy too. 
 We finally worked out why Milo is a strange dog....we started thinking he had come from outer space but we now remember that he was actually born on Halloween!!!! 
 That really.....
 explains things!!! 
Oh yes...what’s this? Good try Milo.

More booties for sale. I'm thinking $6.00 is a fair price.

 I know you all probably escape with your lives and sanity after visiting my blog, but I have to say....that there is some culture in my life. Strange but have now scrambled your minds. lol

I found this awesome DVD at the local library and I spotted that Michelangelo was included in this collection (as you would expect it to be). So home it came with me and it was amazing to watch. 

I remember when we went to Florence and visited the Accademia Gallery to see the Statue of David, we also came across four large sculptures known as the Slaves or Prisoners. They were begun by Michelangelo for a grandiose project for the tomb of Pope Julius II della Rovere. 

Yesterday was very hot here, a staggering 39C and today is going to be very warm as well. I took the opportunity this morning to check out some of my garden. A couple of plants took a beating in the heat yesterday and most made it through....
 Country charm is always found in roses
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 My beautiful Bottle brush tree with its stunning red brushes

 I have this one day left of the weekend so I must fit in as much backlog of housework as I can. It doesn't sound very fantastic does it? But it must be done, so I will just be thankful I am alive and all will seem better.
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What more can any of us ask for? I am grateful for many things and one of those are the family and friends who surround me and make my life so special. I surround myself with family members who make me happy and are a pleasure to be around. I am also grateful my hubby knows how to work the washing machine. Thanks for your help with that Pix. xx

What makes you happy? I bet when you sit back and have a good think....there will be many things. Have a wonderful Sunday my friends. Peace be with you all.
Ciao, Anita.


webbsway said...

O Anita- what a beautiful Post!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know which is the most beautiful - your gorgeous work or your magnificent plants????????? Or the story about your trip! How awesome was that! Wish I could have been a little birdie with you! All that and you can sneak in housework too?????????????? I do not know how you pull it off. I love you - you are truly inspirational! Keep up the good work and hope you get those books cataloged!!!!!!!! I love your Milo -even if he did come from outer space. LOL

Jane Galley said...

what a pretty cardigan, love that pattern. All the best with Facebook Page, let me know when it's set up, I'll come and say hello

Verbena C. said...

E' un piacere seguirti. Buona Domenica ♥ ♥ ♥

JoJo said...

I love bottlebrush trees. They are all over San Francisco! Milo's such a cutie! Have a great week Anita!

Mereknits said...

Anita, my oldest son was born on Halloween, I always say it explains a lot about him. Hugs, Meredith

Julie said...

Hi Anita, I love that dusky pink !!! Yes I sell the booties in my cottage for $6 a pair also. I love your bottle brush tree & your roses are flourishing. Mine are still coming into bud. Happy to see Milo up to some mischief here today. Have a great week Anita - your blog is always a cheerful lovely place to visit.

tesselleelle said...

È tutto così bello e rilassante qui, cara Anita, dolcissimo il tuo cane, belle le scarpine e ottimi prezzi,i tuoi fiori stupendi, le rose, il callistemon rosso mi piace tantissimo, ho provato a tenerlo anch'io ma qui non c'è il clima adatto è durato solo una estate. Ti abbraccio forte, Laura

Maria said...

LOL What a great gift you received....
The little cardigan and booties are sew pretty.
Always enjoy seeing what Milo is up to..
Enjoy your week.

Country Laura said...

I tuoi lavori sono sempre bellissimi e anche il tuo giardino!

Angélica D said...

Que bonitos trabajos para bebé , me encantaron esos pequeños zapatos y esos vestidos pequeños , y bellas sus flores a pesar del otoño por allá

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Reading your blog makes me happy, in fact it makes me laugh!!! Ok, farting rainbows...'nuff said, moving on to Milo - poor baby, did you take him trick or treating?! 39C is WAY too hot for me!!! As for housework.. oh yeah.. I got a fair bit to do too :) xx


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