Sunday, November 20, 2016

Difficult roads often lead to
beautiful destinations.
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Hello dear friends. I hope you all have had a beautiful week full of fun things you love to do. Mine was super awesome! So I finally got myself on to Face book, only so I could start selling my craft work over the net. I have avoided Face book like the plague. My little space name is Anita's Crafts, but I don't know how many of those names will be listed!! lol But my little profile picture has the tea cup on a red mug rug.

I got to work very quickly with all this and decided to advertise over Facebook and  have a front verandah stall. I can tell you it's easier to set up at home than it is to cart your goods down to the markets. Thanks to all those special people who supported me, I will be doing this again.

Here is how I set up:

The stall.... helper. I will not call him any questionable names at the minute. Names such as Foreman, Leader of the Opposition, Side kick and partner could probably be used...but not the expression Coffee swiller. lol

My cute magenta Landmark

The goods

The resting place

 I did enjoy myself, sitting outside on a warm Spring? Lol morning with a lovely breeze blowing.

This new Mug bag just finished this week sold so fast it wasn’t funny. I found the pattern for it in an older edition of Homespun magazine and it’s very easy to make.

I even made baby bibs this week, they’re really groovy and easy to make. A basic pattern off the net, some gorgeous fabrics and away I went.
You lovely girls always know there will be knitting to show at this blog page! Heather the feather and I sold out of baby beanies and booties at the end of winter, so now I’m re stocking already because it seems those items are wanted all year round.

So here is this little beauty knitted up in 4 ply (Thanks Maria!!)

Booties to match...

Oh here is Mr Moon. We had a Super moon in the sky this week and many people were disappointed that it wasn’t as super as expected. I myself think I am so happy to be alive that the moon was beautiful to  me.
 These are so sweet and they were the last project off my knitting needles. We don’t have much in lemon colours as people don’t ask for it as much any more. Perhaps I can kick start their love of this colour.

 Now I will warn you all before you keep scrolling down. It is with a heavy heart that I show you the next photograph. 

After a big campaign to prepare the yard for the oncoming summer season ie clear back the undergrowth of bushes, shrubs etc ; re homing our poultry last year and removing any items left laying around the yard....we have already had 2 snakes in the last three days.

This is yesterday’s intruder. 

Brandon and his friend were laying on the lawn on their towels and of course Milo had to be in on the fun, so he was with them. Suddenly Milo sprinted off towards the pool gate and the boys spotted the back end of the snake slithering into the pool area. On that evidence, we would say that the snake came in the side gate, slithered passed our back door!!!!!, passed the dog kennel and into the pool area. Not a nice thought, is it.

I can only say thanks to the boys who took appropriate action and for our little petal.....Milo, for alerting us.  Milo actually caught the snake we had on Thursday and thrashed it but it got away. I am so frightened Milo will get bitten.

Today is going to be filled with guarded work in the back yard. We are going to cull back even more and remove our few rocks in the garden near the house and put new baits around for mice. The mice are a food source for snakes so we are going to super bait the yard but only where Milo cannot reach them. Wish us luck my friends, we need it.

A lovely Sunday to you all!
Ciao,  Anita
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I am said...

Hi Anita wow you sure have been busy,love those knitted baby garments and the cup bag is gorgeous.
Oh thats quite a big snake,we live in the bush and i am always worried about snakes,yes it is a worry with your dog,how good was he alerting you all.

Angélica D said...

Hola Anita ,, pero qué bonito se ve ese parche con todos esos trabajos ,,mucho patchork y crochet ,, que nervio y miedo me dio esa culebra ,, es suya ?

Maria said...

Your verandah looks lovely all set up with your beautiful home made projects..
You'll need to made lots of Mug Bags. Your beanies and booties are very sweet .
Oh no nasty snakes 🐍 thankfully your boys and Milo are okay.
I also loved seeing the Huge Moon at our place...the sky was sew clear at our place we got a really good view.
Enjoy your Sunday..😘

webbsway said...

What a lovely set up -all those beautiful colors! So nice to have a "side-kick" to oversee the work. lol Love those lovely beanies! Was that snake poisonous? That Milo is a blessing.

Jane Galley said...

what a lovely setting for a sale :) off to see if I can find you on FB, have a great week

tesselleelle said...

Ciao Anita! che bella la tua vetrina di Facebook...anche io dovrei decidermi ad iscrivermi a FB.....quanti bei lavori, uno più bello dell'altro, poi la location è incantevole.
Per fortuna quel brutto serpente non vi ha fatto male, era velenoso? amo gli animali ma i serpenti mi fanno molta paura più di ogni altro. Milo è un vero tesoro.
Ti saluto con affetto dolce Anita, leggerti mi dà felicità, ti abbraccio,

Verbena C. said...

I tuoi lavori a maglia sono bellissimi, sei molto veloce con i ferri.
Milo è stato bravissimo a trovare il serpente, hai ragione ad avere paura.
Buona fortuna cara amica, ♥

Mereknits said...

You look like you had a great front porch sale. Oh no about the snake, are they all poisonous?

Fiona said...

lovely idea having the stall at the house.... much more fun for you too...


JoJo said...

Love all of your creations, esp. seeing them all set out like that! The snake though...EW! Hope Milo doesn't get himself hurt!

Karen S said...

Having a sale at home was a wonderful idea. i hope you did well out of it.Your displays looked lovely.
Sorry to see you are having those nasty visitors again!!

Country Laura said...

Quante belle creazioni colorate!
Bravissimo il tuo Milo... io sarei morta di paura nel vedere quel serpente!
Un bacio

Reyes ♥El telar de mi abuela♥ said...

Qué bonito todo....menos la serpiente.
Un abrazo desde Tenerife.

Julie said...

All your new creations are just fabulous Anita. Your stall looked wonderful all set up on your porch. What a great idea. I hope the facebook thingy works out well for you. Like you I have not had "good thoughts" about facebook but think I need to set up a page for the Cottage also. Gosh that snake is scary. Makes me feel lucky here that we dont have to worry about them. Hope your week is going well Anita.


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