Sunday, November 13, 2016

Don’t wait for the 
perfect moment,

take the moment and 
make it perfect.

Well good morning my little cupcakes, I hope I have found you all healthy and in sound mind. I wish I could say the same about myself. I am at least..very healthy.  Lol 

After having worked full time the last couple of weeks, and being grateful for the extra time given to me, I was pleased to go back to my usual timetable so I did lots of sewing last Friday. I have made progress with my Christmas items and will hopefully have lots of Christmas goodies to sell.

Would you like to see some of the things I have made? Come on then my pretty girls, grab yourselves a hot cup of tea or coffee, and we’ll go for a cruise.    
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A while ago I purchased this precious fabric and as I used it on my many projects, the more I fell in love with it. I have now used up the last of it making a set of fabric Christmas coasters and a little tote bag to put them in when storing them away. 
 The bag closes up with a draw string ribbon tie with beads on the ends. 
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 Now I'm on a roll with the fabric coasters so I had some Mickey Mouse Christmas fabric. I decided to make another coaster set that has a small fabric bag filled with lavender and a small pouch to put it in. 
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 Let me just side track you all now and show you my crocheting. I'm pretty good at side tracking people....oh....and myself. I'm called Dory sometimes, but I'm happy with that nickname. lol

I have discovered that even though we have our warm weather happening here in Australia, people are still wanting knitted baby clothes to give as gifts. After the winter season at the markets, the supply of baby booties and beanies has started to dwindle. By the looks of things there were lots of girl babies born this year. Where has all my pink stuff gone?
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A short sleeve baby cardigan in a simple treble stitch has been very popular, and this photograph does not show the colour well. It is actually a beautiful peach colour. 
 Two more Cardigans but this time with long sleeves. The couple I had at market sold very quickly. 

 Now back to the Christmas mood. I just can't resist this little guy. A cute Christmas reindeer. I'm still working on him though. I need to tie a knot in each of his legs, add bells and ribbon to the knots. He or she, will also have a big ribbon done up around the neck and the antlers painted. Oh yes....and stitch on his other ear.
 I can't resist the fabric yo-yo!!

Did I manage to put you in the Christmas mood? I hope I have helped you get there. lol I am now counting down the weeks before we all go on school break over the summer and I'm getting very excited at the prospect of those glorious weeks off. 

My lovely Italian blogger friends find it interesting at the fact the Christmas season is celebrated in hot weather over here, whereas their Christmas is in cold and snow. I would so love to be there with you ladies. xx  
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Next post I will have some cute knitted baby booties to show you. I am still sewing them up and putting ribbon into them right now. Thanks Maria, the yarn is so nice to knit with.
Have an awesome Sunday girls! 
Ciao, Anita.

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Kim said...

I always want to see what pretties you have fashioned, lovely Anita. That fabric is adorable. No wonder you used up every little 'inch'!! Cute bags and your reindeer puts one in the Christmas spirit.......well nearly. =) I really don't want to think about it yet. Those baby cardies are so sweet. They would make the perfect gift for a sweet li'l baby. 'Tis always a joy to visit your happy place. Have a lovely week, lovely lady.

JoJo said...

I just said to my husband, 'how weird would it be to have Christmas in the middle of summer?' It occurred to me that almost all of the decorations you see are winter/snow themed. Are the decorations and cards in Australia summer themed? What about Santa? Is he depicted in summer clothes or in the heavy red winter suit?

Jane Galley said...

I love the idea of the little bags to hold the coasters, great thinking! And those long sleeve cardigans are just beautiful. Have a wonderful week

Karen S said...

Looks like you have been extra busy.Lovely work with the coasters and all the crocheting. Funny how babies can go in runs of boys or girls.
Your reindeer is going to be great fun. Enjoy your stitching time.

I am said...

Wow lots of beautiful projects you have made ,well done on your beautiful finishes.

Mereknits said...

That reindeer is the cutest!

Julie said...

Loving your christmas makes Anita. Do you put whole cloves in your coasters?? I do with mine as it adds a lovely smell when you sit your hot drink on them. And they go thru the wash okay. Your crocheting is beautiful ... we are not getting hot weather quite just yet.

webbsway said...

Awww-my beauty - your always brighten my day. I LOVE all of your projects. But that little deer sure can win a heart! It does amaze me too that you have Christmas in the summer! Do you put up a tree?

Maria said...

The coasters in the little bags will make great gifts.
You always make such cute crocheted cardies...I can see why they sell well....
LOL yep the reindeer does need another ear...
Yes that is lovely wool to knit up and washes really well. Enjoy..
Hmm! Has Milo beeen a good boy this week?

Fiona said...

youi do keep yourself extra busy. I love those coasters and bags.. what a clever idea...

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Oh yeah! Christmas is coming! Lovely projects :) xx

Angélica D said...

Oh se nota que se aproxima Navidad amiga querida ¡¡ lindos trabajos


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