Sunday, November 27, 2016

“When the world says
‘Give up,’
Hope whispers,

Try it one more time.”

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Good Sunday morning to you all! I was bitten this the Christmas bug. Lol My sewing machine has been thrashing away and there is smoke coming off my knitting needles. There is a whiff of Christmas in the air and I love it.

I’m pretty well wondering why I didn’t start this Facebook selling earlier because it has been very successful in the way of sales. I have sold many of these cute little knitted Christmas puddings already this year. They fit nicely in my hand and no calories!!

 I have wrapped up a few to drop off at the Visitors Centre and I have put them in a bowl with a napkin, a coloured fork and wrapped them in cello paper.
 After our snake scare last week even more of the garden near the house has been cleared. Here in this picture I am still at the clearing and tidying up stage....
 While Milo oversees the whole project.
 Oh gosh, he’s precious!!
 My Christmas bug has seen me produce both Christmas items and Christmas gifts, so here are some of the goodies to show you...
Tooth fairy dolls
 Beanie and bootie set
Plastic bag holders
  Library bags
 And now I show you something close to my heart.
I have purchased more garden ornaments from my Italian man Vincent. Two beautiful columns made skilfully and they give exactly the charm I wanted for my garden.

 Oh my beating heart....settle down.

 We are expecting a very warm 37C today so as soon as I bid you farewell for the week I will quickly have some breakfast and get out to that sewing shed before the weather becomes unbearable. I’m hoping to make some cute little beaded dolls that sell so well at the Visitors Centre.

As always I wish you all a beautiful and creative week. I say goodbye now.....
                            and so does Milo!


JoJo said...

I love those puds! Very cute and so pretty! And Milo just melts my heart that silly dog! Stay cool Anita!

Julie said...

Hi Anita, your puds look great wrapped up like that ... can imagine they are selling so well. You sure have been creative. Great to see Milo up to his usual tricks. Have a super week Anita.

Jane Galley said...

oh, you have been busy. Have a great week

Maria said...

You have been busy creating lovely projects to sell.
Your columns look fabulous...your garden is looking very Mediterranean...

I am said...

Hi Anita,wow you make some gorgeous things,you are very clever,good luck tidying up the garden,our weather is still very cold down our way.

Mereknits said...

Of course you have gotten great sales, everything you make is wonderful. Stay cool. Hi Milo!

Francesca said...

ciao anita quante belle cose hai preparato, buon natale cara amica

Karen S said...

Wow, you have been on fire. Your little puddings do look delicious. Good to see them selling well on FB.
Love all the work on the Christmas projects. Yes, all of a sudden we realise the Christmas really is just around the corner! Yikes.
Milo obviously appreciates all the yard cleaning you are doing.

Angélica D said...

Que bonitas fotos amiga querida ,,, me encantan todos esos tejidos ,, unos bellos trabajos,, espero que tengas un bendecido fin de seman


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