Sunday, October 30, 2016

''Friendship is....
a simple recipe:
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1 cup sharing, 1 cup caring and
3 cups of insanity.
A beautiful morning to you all! How was your week, I hope it was fantastic? My week was awesome....I was surrounded by fun people and friends, did lots of knitting, had extra hours at work and made some extra money. Pretty cool week for me really.

I suspect my sense of humour is going to continue down ‘crazy path’ as I age. I had this delusion that I might perhaps ‘grow out of it’, but alas.....I am mistaken. Last weekend Heather the feather and I were cruising around on Pinterest and came across a hilarious crocheted creation. Trust Heather to be with me when we discovered this..... 
Isn’t this crazy and funny?

 A tissue box cover! This is my version that I made during the week. All you have to do is pull a tissue out of his nose. Lol I am taking this to the library with me to give the children a laugh. I have to tell you all....the children at school have a super sense of humour and that is where I learn half of the funny stuff I know. Perhaps they can help me name him?
I have become quite a champion at this crocheting business and now I can create novelty things not only by knitting them but I can crochet them as well.

 I posted about some crocheted bunny security blankets a little while back and they were so popular that they have all been sold. Here is the beginning of a new one.
 I have always found the garden to be a place of peace and serenity (not when you see snakes though!!! Lol) and many wonderful thoughts and feelings come to me while enjoying a stroll amongst the plants. I have discovered that you don’t even need to have the biggest yard full of plants but you can find as much pleasure and peace in even a collection of an interesting patch of the yard. I have several of these little patches both in the front and back yard.
 This is one of my favourite places. There is not much really in the way of plants but I see the geranium with its bold red flower, the nasturtiums with the yellow and orange tones, the earthy colours rocks on the ground and that magnificent wheel barrow. I love scratching around pulling out the few weeds that pop up here, and just the feel of that area. Lovely.
 “Milo...are you wrecking that ball?”
Oh no...she’s caught me! 
“ I’m not doing anything wrong!”
 “You better not be breaking it!”
“No mummy darling, I’m an angel!”
(I will just quickly finish nibbling this bit....)
 This needs a good pull too...
Awww...nearly got it.  
 Enough crazy stuff, back to the pleasantries now. Lol Here is my finished baby set. This is from a older knitting book where the instructions made sense and one could actually follow the pattern. No ssk in this knitting book. Yay!! The pattern for the top is Feather and fan stitch, which in older days was called Shale lace. 

The armholes and neck were crocheted with a cute edging to finish it off. The pants were from another pattern within the same book. I’m very happy with how it turned out.
What will the coming week hold for us all I wonder? I take things as they come. Sometimes we have problem after problem, sometimes we cruise along fine. Whatever comes my way I will just roll with it. My plans though are to be as happy as I can, crochet more bunny blankets and to get as much cataloguing done as I can at work. If this is all I have to worry about, I’m thinking my life is pretty wonderful. 

May you also find all the happiest thoughts and enjoy the fantastic things that come your way.

Ciao, Anita.  

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JoJo said...

Your tissue box man is hilarious!!!! I bet the kids love him! Milo's so cute. Typical dog. 'I didn't do it'. haha

Jane Galley said...

oh, that tissue box is fun, it's bound to get people talking, lol. Have a good week

webbsway said...

How very gifted you are ! Love the crazy tissue cover - he really should get some of the kids giggling. I had the very same flowers this summer - now it is your turn to enjoy them as I suffer though Fall and winter- Baa-humbug!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

That little outfit is so beautiful! I wish I knew my way around a needle like you do! Some of us "Have it " and some of us "Do Not" and you are definitely DO!

I love your Milo! He is so precious!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria said...

LOL what a fantastic tissue box... the kids are going to laugh him.....
Your garden is beautiful and it's a nice place for you to enjoy...
Oh No Milo, did that ball taste good?

What a sweet baby set.

Have a fabulous week my friend.

Verbena C. said...

Molto divertente il "tissue box". Sei bravissima e veloce nei tuoi lavori.
Buona settimana cara amica ♥

Country Laura said...

Meravigliosi tutti i tuoi lavori ma il porta fazzoletti è veramente simpatico!

Fiona said...

haha... love the tissue box cover....

Julie said...

Your garden is looking pretty Anita ... love the feather & fan stitch in that wee top. Pleased to see Milo is keeping you on your toes again !!! Have a great week.

Karen S said...

Trust you to find such a crazy tissue box holder. That will be sure to entertain the kids. The little baby outfit is so gorgeous!!
The garden is looking very colourful.

Sandra :) said...

Milo is a cheeky monkey, and so is Mr. Nose-ington! :D The latter made me LOL :) I'm rather partial to that adorable baby set - that pink! It's so pretty and girly - like cherry cotton candy!

Summer said...

So much beauty in this post! Love the friendship quote ♥

Mereknits said...

That is the best tissue holder I have ever seen. The kids are going to love it! You are the best Anita.

Angélica D said...

Hola Anita querida , la cajita para tissue es una dulzura , a mí como a usted nos encamota el crochet ,m un muy lindo post


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