Sunday, October 2, 2016

The sincere friends of this world
are as ship lights in the stormiest of nights.
-Giotto di Bondone

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Good morning my friends, how wonderful to be with you. Did you have a lovely week? I have the air in my lungs, my health and some pretty amazing people around week was awesome. I have my wondering traveler back with me, yes, Heather the feather has returned from her holiday in Queensland. (’s safe for you

I have been busy also this week, getting myself out there to sell my goods over the Internet, so I set my cushions up.....
Our market day was pretty horrible yesterday. Our town had a nasty wind storm with several attributes to it come through. We had wind, rain, sunshine, wind, rain, that order. It was crazy. Many of the stall holders just sat there in their vehicles, not knowing whether to set up or take off. The weather was really that weird. Most of them left, but for some of us, we stayed. 

Most of the morning Heather and I just held down the legs of the tent!!! We did have the back of the tent tied down to the car and pegs hammered into all of the legs. The wind was so strong ‘when’ it blew. We had another friend with us in our stall, and Bruce held down the other leg! lol
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Lol...this is what I call “Laying down on the job!” When I 
returned home from the markets, this is what I saw over the road at a neighbours house. I have to tell you my friends, that cactus is a huge fellow and it’s down from the strength of the wind.

You have to take the good with the bad and another good 
thing is that I found a lovely Italian man here in town that made two gorgeous statues for me. I am over the moon, they are lovely. I show you just one, as she is in the better place of the garden. My space in the yard is really beginning to get the feel I want.

 While I’m in the moment of the garden, here is my plant   
cascading from a pot on a pedestal. This is in the front
yard and I’ve been waiting with anticipation for the plant 
to grow and hang over. Perhaps my front yard will 
turn Italian too? What sort of style do you like in the garden?
 Not all was bad at the markets yesterday, for while the wind stopped for a few minutes I did manage to go to the stall next door and find this absolutely yummy tablecloth. I cannot believe someone gave it up! I’m so glad they I have it now. How pretty hey?

 Here is my little scarecrow girl that I made for the show. This sweetheart came !st! I was very happy. 
 The judge thought her face was too cute.

Oh...and here is a gift from the lovely Italian man Vince who made the statues. A free gift he gave me.
Thank you Vince x

Un caloroso grazie a voi il mio amico,
si sono così gentili.

Well my friends, I have much to do today. I don’t want to jinx anything, but the weather looks better than yesterday, so I am hoping to get into the sewing shed and get some things done.

I have friends in mind this morning. I send out love and
 well wishes to my darling Neville who is now very ill in hospital. I hope you get well soon my friend, I cherish our friendship xx. Lovely Chris, I send you love and strength. I will keep checking on you. xx
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The world is full of surprises and I'm thinking after all the noise I've heard outside this morning.....Milo has some 
surprises for me too. Have an awesome day my friends.
Ciao, Anita.


JoJo said...

Wow! Big post! Love your cushions. But I feel really bad for that poor cactus. :( I guess it's dead now?

Mereknits said...

You always get so much done Anita, sorry about the windy market and that poor cactus. Hope Milo's surprise wasn't digging in your lovely garden.

I am said...

Hi Anita,wow i love those cushions you have crochet,so pretty .Sorry about the bad weather you had on market day .
That tablecloth is beautiful and you have such a lovely garden .

Jane Galley said...

love all your cushions and well done on the 1st and for nabbing such a beautiful tablecloth. have a great week

Maria said...

Oh I love your posts! You make my day dear friend.....
Pleased H the F is home again sew you can hassle her and your hubby can have a rest...
Fabulous photo of your gorgeous cushion on the white wrought iron chair. Lucky Milo didn't hope on...
Was really bad weather here to yesterday.. You were brave staying and were rewarded by getting that beautiful stitched table cloth...
Nice statues and love the one of Milo........
My garden is natural style.lots of trees oh and weeds on my five acres....

Verbena C. said...

Mi spiace per il cattivo tempo ma il tuo post è molto colorato e mette allegria.
Di quale paese è originario Vince?
Cari saluti a lui e a te.

Angélica D said...

Hi dejar Anita !! Qué lindos cojines y ese hermosos mantel bordado .. Adore ese bello jardín .. Espero que tengas un bello día

Julie said...

Hi Anita, your cushions look gorgeous ... I especially love the two middle ones. Your new statue is pretty darn gorgeous too .. yes your garden is definately looking Italian. LUcky I wasnt at the same craft stall as you, as you would've had to fight me for that beautiful tablecloth :-)

Karen S said...

Outdoor markets are wonderful when the weather is good, but can be really awful when it rains and blows. I just hop it doesn't happen to you too often.
Your cushions look gorgeous lined up on your seat. i am so pleased Milo let you use it!
I am glad that cactus was not in my driveway.
Have a lovely week playing in your garden with your plants and statues!

Country Laura said...

Bellissimi tutti i tuoi lavori!

Christine65 said...

I'm new to your blog, but have to say your cushions are lovely and bright :)

Angélica D said...

Hi dear Anita ,,, espero que tengas un bendecido fin de semana junto a los tuyos

l'alternativa said...

Bellissimo post pieno di cose bellissime, i tuoi cuscini sono fantastici. Peccato che il vento sia stato così tremendo, spero che la prossima volta andrà tutto bene. Un abbraccio e un bacione

Kim said...

Wow that wind was strong. Glad you and your tent and your goodies didn't fly high up in the sky. LOVE those pretties resting atop your gorgeous white, so very pretty. Oooh....your tablecloth is very yummy, what a wonderful find. Cute scarecrow, the face is adorable. You are a clever little 'makerer', lovely Anita!


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