Sunday, October 9, 2016

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Life is too short to be serious all the time,
So if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me...

I’ll laugh at you!!

Hello my dear friends, I woke up today thinking that I’m going to be teasing everyone that I come in contact with...sad for them hey? Lol I think I might blame Heather the feather for my mood.....she came around for afternoon tea yesterday and teamed up with my oldest son Brandon. They both ‘rattled’ my cage = teased me.

 Today is my last day of holidays so I’m going to kick back today and have a super duper time. My craft projects are all up to date now so I will be making a few things that will be Christmas things. It is amazing how close Christmas is getting. didn’t want me to say that?

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I have had an awesome week and I would love to share it with you. If you want to join me, you will need a nice hot cup of tea or coffee ; a big happy smile ; and a sense of humour.
Let’s go!!!
I wanted to make my niece, Shae, a banner for her bedroom, so I made a start and then thought....did I make a good choice putting these two colours together? 
Then after adding button hole stitch around the edge......pop!

There we go, look at that. 

A look at the fabric I used for the backing. I’m happy because it all turned out lovely and best of all....Shae loved it!!!

This week I went to a Ram sale, it was heaps fun and I didn't even mind the smell. lol  One of these guys can sell fetch up to $900.00 each, some of them more. I didn't know that! They are stud rams and the price can even be as high as $7000.00! Gosh! how much yarn and fabric could I buy with that sort of money!!

I’m shy!
(These two rams look like a couple of the guys from the Ag. Society....oops! Same ears.)

All the very best to Louise, our gym instructor, who is waiting for the stork to arrive. My gang at the gym got together and made up this baby box full of goodies. You have all seen that bunny somewhere before.
Sitting in front of the television last night with my darling husband, I also knitted this cute little baby headband. I love the sparkling thread in the yarn. It’s so cute and I had to add a gorgeous little flower to jazz it up.

Oh no!! The worst thing has just happened......I’ve finished my cup of tea!!!! I’m off to make another one and some breakfast. Lol Have a great day my lovely ones. Each day is a beautiful day.

Ciao, Anita.
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I am said...

Hi Anita ,wow I love the banner and baby headband you are so clever.
Boy those Rams are sure worth a lot,lol ,thankyou for sharing xx

Kim said...

Oh but I haven't finished my cup of tea.....I want some more of your pretties to drool over. Love that pretty banner and the box of baby goodies is delightful. The baby headband is so very sweet. Yes, wouldn't that sort of money make for some pretty fabric, buttons, yarn etc. etc. Loved this post, lovely Anita, 'tis so very pretty. Have a great week back with the madding crowd!

webbsway said...

O Wow and Wow! You sure know how to "do a day"! I Loved all the pretties , and I ADORED the rams and the information. VERY cool. I lost my last 3 rams this summer from my small flock . They were all born the same week and they all 3 died within a week of each other and they were 28 years old.

Jane Galley said...

Glad you've had a productive holiday. The banner is perfect for a girl's room, not surprised she loved it. Enjoy what's left of your weekend

Karen S said...

Well it looks like you have really made the most of your holiday break. You must have if you are planning for Christmas.
I think your banner for Shae looks gorgeous. Amazing what some coloured embroidery thread can do.
Gorgeous knitting still happening.
I hope the term starts off really well for you. Have a great time.

ali cia said...

Hola Anita, me encanta!!! la canastilla de bebés con todos esos detallitos hechos a crochet es una labor que a mi me apasiona ,la diadema en color rosa es preciosa!!.
Un fuerte abrazo.

Mereknits said...

You always make me smile Anita.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

The banner turned out so well! It will be a lovely treasure for Shae. Did you take Milo to see the rams, lol! That would have been fun :) xx

JoJo said...

The banner is so pretty. Loved the backing fabric!

Julie said...

Your banner turned out great Anita ... as soon as I saw your first photo I thought to myself "outline it in pink !!!" Great minds eh :-) Your gift box for your gym instructor looks amazing - she will be so chuffed I am sure. Hope you have a great week ... you will be sad that your holidays went by so quickly but you achieved lots.

Summer said...

Love the banner, and that quote about laughter ♥

Angélica D said...

Hi dear Ana ,, qué bonito ese banderín para Shae ,, me encanto las imágenes de esas ovejas ,, espero que tenga un bendecido fin de semana


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