Sunday, October 23, 2016

Friendship isn’t a big thing...
It’s a million little things.

Good morning to you all! In my part of the world we are in for a scorcher of a day, expecting 36C....a very warm Spring day don’t you think? I will be in a hurry to get my ironing done before it gets too hot.

During the week as I was photocopying at work, one of my work mates casually mentioned that Christmas was only so many days away!!!!! Oh heck!!!! Didn’t that put me into a spin. Lol. I had been fluffing through my Christmas fabrics to start getting prepared to make things, but when someone actually says how many days to go, it kind of puts it into another perspective - Panic!!!!

I got cracking this week making some reindeer....
They’re made from calico for the body, yo-yo’s for the side decoration and rope for the legs. It is an easy project and it’s from an old edition of Homespun magazine.
Image result for clip art christmas

Well there’s a start to Christmas, but I have still been ploughing through the strips of leftover fabrics from the cream, black and crimson colours. From them, I made a small table mat to go with the cushion and the bigger table runner. I am now happy that I have used it all up.

Image result for clip art flowers
Image result for clip art flowers
I still have some knitting to show you but I will have to wait for the next time I blog. Why do I have to wait you ask? Well let me ask you something.......who of you out there has a teenager at home? What goes into their bedrooms...such as a almost lost in the dark abyss and who dare enter the dark abyss when it is only 7am? Not I!!! If you wake the sleeping teenager, they might grow claws and fangs. Lol
Image result for clip art fangs and claws

What will you be doing with your wonderful Sunday? Some knitting, sewing, gardening or perhaps just relaxing? Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourself, thank God for this wonderful glorious day, breath in that fresh air and be ever so happy for each new day.
Ciao, Anita.


Maria said...

As usual you have brightened my morning with your fabulous post...
Well done on the start for Christmas with those cute reindeers and you have used up your gifted fabrics beautifully.
Hmm I won't wake up a teenager either. I have been in the big smoke for the past two weeks supervising two teenagers.
My DD and hubby arrived home early hours this morning sew today I am driving home home.
Nice way to stay cool in the air conned car.

Sandra :) said...

I spent a good part of my Sunday doing house maintenance stuff. It wasn't my idea of a good way to spend the day, but I couldn't very well let hubby do it all himself (although I wanted to!) :D We spent several hours in the morning replacing our energy efficient lightbulbs with new bulbs that are even MORE energy efficient (huge sale, hubby stocked up). The kids will get our old ones (which still work, of course), and our electric bill will probably go down each month by ... ummm ... tens of cents! ;) While he was replacing all the bulbs I washed and dried every. single. shade. Only one of them had dead bugs in it - I was surprised :D We also wiped down all the light fixtures and fans ... took down 3 bathroom ceiling fans and washed the plastic cover AND the fan itself ... raked the leaves from the yard (that was hubby - I stayed inside to cook :D) ... spray painted 16 large and half a dozen small snakes and a grapevine wreath for a Halloween project I'm working on ... finished a skeleton puppet (that was me) and cut out 2 more skeleton puppets (also me). Oh yes - and I did a deep clean on the guest bathroom ... which was necessary because when hubby took down the ceiling fan, he blew all the dust from it ... into the air ... and it gently fell all over the toilet and the floor - what a dusty mess! Needless to say, he didn't do that in the other 2 bathrooms, after I spoke to him *ahem* :D No wonder I'm pooped - it was a busy day!

Lovely projects, as always - the reindeer look like they're up to something naughty - I think they may be plotting an escape! ;)

Sandra :) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandra :) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandra :) said...

^^^ Don't even ask - computer hiccups combined with finger hiccups - wow!

webbsway said...

As usual your precious little headliner with the little dolls Always brightens my mood. They are just tOO cute. Then those little reindeer blowed me away - I LOVE them !!!!!!!!!!! They are so darn adorable. As your friend said -they do look like they are thinking mischief!How hard was it to sew on their heads? Did you do a rope for the tails too?
You were looking forward to a scorcher - but I have my woodstove cranked up and the wind is just a whipping! I did go to the garden and bring some fresh chard up to all of my little chooks and the really loved that.

Karen S said...

Yes, Christmas does have a habit of sneaking up on us. You have made a good start.
I have always loved those reindeer.
Great idea with the table runner and cushion. Lovely fabric.
I agree - never wake a sleeping teen. Far too dangerous.
Now your temps have really jumped. We are lucky to make it to 20 here. Very different to last year. Our lawn is still too soggy to mow.
Hope you day goes well.

Jane Galley said...

the cushion and runners make a good collection, go beautifully with the flowers too

Verbena C. said...

Molto simpatiche le renne di Babbo Natale.
Anch'io sto lavorando a maglia, sto facendo una sciarpa per la mia nipotina. Buona Domenica

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Those reindeer are so cute! I've been thinking about Christmas too... it will be upon us in no time! xx

JoJo said...

Love the reindeer! And the fabric too. Hope you have a great day. We're finally cooling off up here in New England.

Mereknits said...

I spent my Saturday at the farm and generally sitting on my butt crocheting so today has been all about getting caught up around the house before the week starts.

Julie said...

Gorgeous Reindeer Anita. Your cushion & the table runner looks fab too. Love the little black dolly sitting beside them. Yes I well remember about sleeping teenage boys!!! You are taking your life in your hands if you enter their domain too early in the morning !!!

Francesca said...

ciao anita sembra strano per noi qua in italia vedere delle renne che annunciano il natale e immaginarle da voi in australia con il caldo, ma e' così, voi avete il sole a natale. sono simpaticissime con quei musetti. ciao e buona giornata

Angélica D said...

Parace que tu ya estás trabajando para Navidad,, qué bonito esos alces , y el otoño como está por allá


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