Saturday, September 24, 2016

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest,

It’s about who came and never left your side.

Hello dear friends, I am happy to say that I am once again on holidays thanks to it being school break. My aim for these holidays are to clean out my wardrobe, get some sewing done and try to get ahead with some of the market items.

I am also happy to be on the mend after two weeks of being very unwell, and when I returned to the gym last Friday it warmed me to be welcomed back by all of those ratbags I work out with. All the nonsense and mischief promptly started the minute I walked in the door. Thank you my gym friends, for the friendship and kindness we share. 
Continuing the happy note here, Hubby gave me some money to buy myself something. Well, I have been eyeing this cast iron chair off for ages and finally it has come home with me. 
Milo is modelling the chair for all to see. Well.....he just wouldn't get off it. lol 

 Just the ideal place to chew his toy!!!

 This week I wanted to use up left over bits of yarn and made this beautiful cushion cover. I love bright things and edging the squares with the deep pink was a great idea. 
 To keep the brightness going, I decided the back would be bright too. Yes, I buttons stitched on yet. 
 I'll get there. I love the little scalloped edge too. 
 Truly excited here now....I found a cute little project on Ravelry. This is a bunny security blanket. It is a fun project and something different to make for baby. This one is going to be gifted to another little baby being delivered via the Stork. If you want to make this creation click here. I have to tell you....I am a knitted more than a crocheter and I managed to make this, so you can too. Enjoy!! 

I am not trying to strangle with cute little bunny, just show you how the baby may hold him. lol's all good....the rabbit is still smiling.
I had fun at the craft shop today...most of this yarn will be making more of these little bunny blankets. I'm on a roll. 
 The next few photographs are some of the show items I made but didn't show you. My cute cushion that came in second to a rather spectacular stitched cushion. 

 My gorgeous scarf that came in third place to Heather the feather's two scarves!!!!!!! I have to think of something for next year to try to get ahead of Heather in the placings!!!! Just a plain scarf hey Heather? lol. 

 Hubby and I had a snooze this afternoon, so it's about 11.45 at night and I'm still haunting the lounge room, hubby has gone to bed. I'm thinking that perhaps I can put the kettle on and make a nice hot cup of tea and do a bit more crocheting. I have another little bunny blanket on the go, this time in pink.

Thank you for dropping by, I love getting your comments and the friendships I have made with many of you are just awesome. I love my new group of Italian blogger girls, they share news of Italy with me and I enjoy that very much.
Night, night. 
Buona notte. xx


Kim said...

So many gorgeous pretties in this post, lovely Anita! LOVE the white chair though I don't like your chances of sitting on that anytime soon. Your Milo obviously knows a beautiful chair when he sees it. Love all your bright and and happy crochet pretties; they certainly put a smile in one's day. The bunny rug is adorable. What a great idea. I can well imagine a little one never leaving this out of one's sight. Glad you are on the mend after a couple of off weeks. Enjoy those holidays. Hope you get oodles done.

Julie said...

Beautiful new chair there Anita ... Milo thinks so too !!! He thinks its great that Mum has bought him this lovely new chair to sit on :-) Your crocheting is gorgeous as always - that baby toy is such a wonderful idea. Hope you get lots of creative time during the holidays Anita. Glad you are feeling lots better now.

Jane Galley said...

glad you managed to get some use out of your seat as well :) love the bunny comforter, have a good week and I'm glad you're feeling better

Verbena C. said...

Sei bravissima con i ferri e l'uncinetto. Mi piace tutto quello che fai.
Io ho abbandonato i lavori a maglia, ma devo ricominciare.
Bella la sedie che hai comperato.
Fai una carezza a Milo per me, Ciao.♥

Os olhares da Gracinha! said...

Trabalhos maravilhosos!

tesselleelle said...

Ciao Anita, quante belle cose ci sono sempre qui.... bellissima la seggiola in ghisa! grazie per esserti unita anche tu al mio blog, mi fa' piacere che tu stia bene dopo due settimane.
Io ho ancora problemi in famiglia, ti racconterò appena ho un po' di tempo, di tutto quello che mi è successo, condivido quel che hai scritto sull'amicizia.

Un abbraccio, cara amica mia,
buona settimana,

Karen S said...

So good to read that you are well and on holidays. Perfect combination!
Lovely work on the cushions and the bunnies.Love all the colours in the new yarns, too.
Milo really does know how to make himself at home. He obviously approves of your new purchase. hope you get a chance to use it. It looks great.
Enjoy your wonderful break!

Mereknits said...

I have not been on Holiday for so long I forgot what it feels like. I love all that you have made, by the way it looks like you are strangling that poor bunny!

Maria said...

Have the best time over the holidays my friend and don"t do too much house things...
Pleased you are feeling better.
Great new chair for the garden. Milo is doing a great job trying it out, LOL..
Beautiful bright cushion covers and I really love that cute bunny blankie..Will be a great seller at the markets..
Hmmm! hubby and you have a lie down in the afternoon..wink wink !!!!
Lovely show entries too..

JoJo said...

The new bench is perfect to display and photograph your creations! LOVE that bunny. Oh I think Milo may have claimed that bench for his own. "Thanks mom!" hahaha

kiwikid said...

Very nice of you to but Milo a new toy chewing seat!!! Just the right size! Love the cushions you have made and the bunny rug. Enjoy those holidays and the break from school.

linda said...

Hello it's lovely to meet you! Your chair is lovely its obvious that Milo loves it too, all your makes are so pretty I like bright colours too, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. :) xx

I am said...

Hi Anita ,oh I love your new seat and I think Milo thinks that you bought it for him,lol.
Wow your work is so lovely ,I love the crochet cushions and the little bear blanket is adorable ,well done with your placing so xx

Fiona said...

I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better... the new chair is just lovely and as always great craft from you...

Angélica D said...

Hi Anita ,, que bonitos esos trabajos a crochet ,, adore el colorido se ven preciosos en su terraza , sobretodo los cojines ,, espero que tengas un lindo día

Reyes ♥El telar de mi abuela♥ said...

Anita...qué bonito todo!!
Un abrazo inmenso desde Tenerife.


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