Sunday, June 26, 2016

Happiness looks gorgeous 
on you :)
It is 9am in the morning and I'm just wondering where the sunshine is? Perhaps we will have some later? lol
 Dear Lord....if I promise to be good today, maybe we can have sunshine soon? (I hope all my friends out there are not choking after my promise :)
I thought this week that I would have the 2 cot blankets finished but I'm in shock!!! I am still going on with them. Here I show you one that has been stitched up and now all I have to do is the scallop edge and stitch in the ends. 
 How do you like my buttons? I have had them for a while but they had been misplaced in my sewing shed. I believe my little friend Heather the feather had given these to me as a gift.

  I was given this little project during the week from a work mate. Over the holidays I plan to make it up.
 This is my most favourite magazine in all of everywhere!!! The Homespun magazine has been the provider of many happy sewing and knitting hours. The patterns are super fun and I just love it.
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 Have a look at this great idea.... a pacifier tag or, as we call them in Australia...a 'dummy' holder. I do not know why we call them that. Perhaps someone out there knows why?

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 As the blankets have become too big to take to work and do at lunch time, I have been also working on this beanie. It is knitted in 8 ply yarn and fits a small child's head.

 With the leftover yarn I made this little doll cardigan for a cabbage patch kid doll.
 My is time for me to get dressed and attack my house work. Not something I relish but a thing that has to be done. 

When I start my ironing I will be putting on some beautiful music by Anthony Callea. He is a fabulous singer of Australia (Italian parents). I get lost in his songs as he breaks out into Italian language throughout some of his songs.
Sending out hugs to Rylee, Brianna, Dusty, Edge, cute nieces and nephews who make me laugh so much. Warm wishes to you. Have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow Brianna.
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Another beautiful day we have to enjoy, live and make memories with. Do it justice my friends.
Ciao, Anita.
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Mereknits said...

I was just thinking that I need to get off this computer and start cleaning. Love the blanket. Wishing you a wonderful week.

JoJo said...

Of all your pics, the street sign 'Give Way' stood out the most. Our signs say 'Yield'. It does no good. People stop at yield signs and blow through stop signs. Not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier....

Julie said...

You ... be good for a whole day ??? Gosh Anita, you did make me laugh today!!!! Just kidding :-) Loving all your new creations ... the blanket is looking wonderful too. Yes I really enjoy the Homespun magazine too. Have a super week Anita.

Sandra :) said...

Doncha just hate it when it's time to do housework? Computers, sewing, knitting, crocheting - all are more fun than housework! And - the worst thing - housework is NEVER EVER EVER FINISHED! As you're doing one job, others are self-replicating and making more work for us - housework is RUDE! :) Although ... a rainy day is a pretty good day to do that stuff - better than a lovely sunny day, when you just want to be outside enjoying the day :D

The cot blanket is beautiful - so is the baby hat and dolly sweater -- I like the coconut buttons too - I have some myself, although they're not flowers, they're regular round buttons have have a glazed coat of colour on top - so pretty! I saw FISH shaped coconut buttons on ebay a while ago - how cool is THAT!

Jane Galley said...

they call them dummies here too. Have a lovely productive week and I hope you find the perfect project for those wonderful buttons

Karen S said...

That is one crazy downpour. Don't you wish some of this would fall in Summer?
Your cot blanket is gorgeous. Love the colors and the design. I seem to have been attacking the knitting needles a bit more than usual myself. Must be the cold.
I still enjoy the Homespun mag too. It has a good variety in it.
How far away are your holidays. Our kids started theirs this week.

Maria said...

The blanket is looking sew pretty.. Well done Anita...
Cute wee beanie and cabbage patch cardi..
Are you going to be making the "Dummy" tags...
Nice music to do your housework by.....

Tutti guardano le nuvole said...

Ciao Anita, ti ringrazio della vista e complimenti per i tuoi lavori... bellissima la coperta a crochet!!
Un bacione.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Your projects are just gorgeous as usual! I think I need to visit you to get some crochet lessons... :) I like Anthony Callea as well... beautiful voice. I love him singing The Prayer... xxx


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