Sunday, June 5, 2016

Life without friendship
is like the sky without the sun.
In my part of the world the forecast for the weather is a sunny day and the brightness has already started right here. I went hunting through my sewing shed for all the lovely leftover pieces of bright yarn I could find and decided to combine them into like the brightest star in the sky.

As I have traveled through my lifetime I have discovered there are many kinds of love: the love of a husband/wife; the love of a friend; the love of a parent. All are important kinds of love for the soul, however. the love of a child just blows you out of this world.

I was having a chat to some of the kids in the library the other day and the subject was about the garden path I want to make in my garden. I was saying how I needed to find nice flat rocks that would be more even to walk on and look give it my Italian touch. What a discussion it was with the kids, their views and ideas take you right back to basics. The giggling and chatting was the best. I said I would have to ask one of the farmer friends of mine if I could walk through their paddocks to find some nice rocks.

The next week, dear Dusty came in to the library and said "Mrs Hayes, I have something for you'. Out of his bag comes 2 perfectly flat rocks. He had visited his Great Pops farm on the weekend and found these 2 beautiful rocks. He still had our conversation on his mind. Friends.....I can feel your hearts melting from here, I do not have to say any more. Awww..

PS. those 2 rocks, by the way, are exactly the sort of rocks I am after.
Thank you so much Dusty.

This week's project's have been stitching rotten old buttons lol....on to finished works. Some gorgeous neck warmers are now completed for sale at the markets. They were both knitted in an unusual yarn that I have not seen before, but very very soft.

                            Lovely cheeky Milo looking on....

Another groovy little beanie on the go........

 A gift from a friend. In this box is Angora rabbit fur. Oh so soft to the touch. Many thanks Kylie! I realise your poor little rabbit is now bare but it's worth it! lol I've never spun angora rabbit before but I'm going to have a go at it.

I leave you all now to enjoy your weekend. Here in Western Australia we will be celebrating a long week end. We are celebrating Western Australia Day on Monday, so that gives me the extra time to finish off some more craft work...oh did I say the word 'house work' in there anywhere? No? I didn't think


Jane Galley said...

two very special rocks :) love the cushion

Kim said...

How sweet is Darcy. Love, love, love your bright, colourful and sunny cushion. It's a triumph. Love the back. You spin wool too.....that's a bit clever! Have a happy holiday Monday.

JoJo said...

If you lived here you'd have your pick of rocks on our beaches! Love that cushion, it's so beautiful. My friend had her malamute's shedded fur spun into yarn and her mother in law knitted her a lovely scarf with it. It's really neat! Enjoy your long weekend!

Mereknits said...

Little kids are just the best, how sweet of your little student to bring you those flat rocks. Love the pillow and can't wait to see the angora spun up.

Fiona said...

what a lovely bright happy cushion and just the best way to start a collection of flat rocks... how sweet

Julie said...

Your knits are just beautiful as always Anita. That was just a most wonderful story about dear Dusty bringing you the stones ... kids sure are just the greatest. Hope you have a wonderful week Anita. Am looking forward to seeing what you do with the yarn you spin.

Karen S said...

I think your rock story is so gorgeous. Kids are truly wonderful!!
Fascinating yarn in that scarf. And the cushion cover looks bright and cheerful as you planned it to be. A lovely finish.
Have fun with the angora. Enjoy your sunshine. It has gone into hiding over here.

Maria said...

Ahhhhh how nice of Dusty to think of you while visiting his Pop's farm....Perfect rocks too...
WOW what a beautiful huge crocheted cushion..
That rabbit fur looks sew very soft. Bet it will spin up beautifully..


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