Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy holidays

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.
-Marcus Aurelius.
Hi there groovy gals!!! Can you tell I'm over the moon?? lol 
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It's holiday time for me and I'm truly excited. One of my loves is staying home near the nice warm fire on a winter's day. Last time I had holidays I used them wisely and this holiday I intend to do the same. I have made a goal to make things for the show and that's what I'm going to do.
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I finished the 2 cot blankets off during the week and goodbye to those pesky ends I had to sew in!!! lol Yippee!!!! All gone. lol. I have to say though, I did crochet these blankets with love in mind and as I was making them it stirred up all kinds of emotions within myself. My mother had passed away years before I had my boys, so she did not get the  opportunity to knit or make anything for my boys. The flip side is though that there was a pair of booties Mum had knitted that were floating around the family that I got my hands on, so at least they got to wear those. So all was good.
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Perhaps you can imagine how lucky I thought Vickey was to have two crocheted squares from her own mother that she could have made into something for her grand children. 
 The size of both blankets were 85cm x 85cm. Cot blankets are usually a rectangle shape, however I made them into a square shape. If I had made a rectangle the 'special' squares would not have been centred and they needed to be the heart of the blanket. It wouldn't matter which way the blanket would be turned you would always know where the 'special' squares were. 
 It was a pleasure to make them for you Vickey. xx

With the blankets finished I decided to knit up a few small items for the markets, such as this beanie. Knitted in 8ply variegated colours using size 8 needles. There are so many free patterns on the net for beanies you can have a blast making whatever you like. lol
 Ages ago a friend gave me some super soft yarn...the sort of yarn that would make a cowl. Here it is. There is no pattern used for this, just cast on some stitches and go for it. I don't know what sort of yarn it is but I wish you could all feel it. Can you imagine how soft the clouds would be? That's how soft.
 At the markets yesterday I purchased with beautiful candle from Lynda and it's just yum to smell. It is made from soy, no kerosene. I just adore the musk smell.
Talking about the markets, Heather and I had a very successful day, and I nearly scared myself to death. lol.....I thought I lost my wallet. I went to pay for my plants and discovered my wallet was gone. Two of my friends walked back to my stall to check just in case I had left my wallet there (I was positive I had it on me). Oh wow!! was in my knitting bag. 

I now have a renewed love for my husband,because in all our married years I have lost his hair for him, what hair he has left I have turned it into stubble....and....I have always frightened the heck out of him. lol I have done it to myself. I almost turned green with fright. lol Now I know how he feels. Thanks Danae and Ian for walking with me while I was imploding. lol

Anyway....I'm out of here to challenge the world and start on my goal to make things for the show. I'm so doing it!!! Cheer and love to you all.
Hugs, Anita.
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Jane Galley said...

Those blankets will be treasured, and such a great idea to make them square. Enjoy your holidays and happy making

Verbena C. said...

your blankets are nice, compliments.
good holidays to you

Maria said...

Those blankets are beautiful and will be treasured...

Maria said...

Oh doesn't it give you a fright when you think you've lost your wallet....
Have a great time on the Hols.

Mereknits said...

Good luck with your goal Anita, have a great week.

JoJo said...

It is the worst feeling ever to lose your wallet. That realization that 'oh's gone...'

Karen S said...

Love the cot blankets and i agree with the idea of the special blocks being the heart of the blankets. Great finish.
So pleased your wallet was not lost. That is very frightening.
Have a wonderful and productive time in these holidays.

Kim said...

Oh, how gorgeous those blankets. You have done a marvelous crocheting those, Anita. It is always a frightening experience to lose one's purse....there is so much in them that has to be replaced. So happy you found it. Have a lovely holiday. Happy knitting in front of the fire!

Julie said...

Absolutely wonderful blankets Anita ... you must be so thrilled they are all done. I hope you have a great week & get lots of your creativity done these hols. Loving your new candle too ...I always burn lots more candles during the winter months than in the summer. Glad to read you found your purse too !!!!

Dalmazia Lodi Rizzini said...

eccoti Anita!!!!!! ora ti salvo nei miei blog preferiti...baci

Angélica D said...

Hi dear Anita ,, pero que preciosidad de colcha ,, me encanta el crochet y aire de colorido

Sandra :) said...

On a regular basis (at least once a week) when I'm out, all of a sudden I panic that I've lost my wallet. The feeling in the pit of your stomach when you think it's gone - UGHHH!! I had it stolen from my purse one time years ago (purse was open, in a shopping cart - I didn't notice someone slip their hand into it and nab my wallet!) and I think that's what started my obsession. I wear my purse cross-body or in the shopping cart (zipped, now, and locked with the baby strap) but I still have moments of panic. I'm glad you found your wallet! I love all of your projects - the cot blankets most of all - you always do such pretty things, Miss Eye Candy Blogger! :)


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