Sunday, June 19, 2016

Laugh with me...

 Happiness is like jam;
you can't spread even a little,
without getting some on yourself.

Good morning my little petals, I hope I have found you all well and in good spirits. I've had a funny and mad week this week....most of the chaos being caused by me!!! lol 

I was given more hours to work, so that saw Thursday afternoon and all of Friday back at work in the office. I must say it was heaps of fun. I usually get the pleasure of stirring up the kids and staff members that travel through the library, but working in the office I had access to parents and other staff members that I don't see much of. It was heaps of fun for me!!!

As I'm in such a silly mood, I thought I would let it flow into my blog today as well. First I will be 'normal' and then I will be....something else.

Come with me for a walk....... 
This week at the local library I found these fantastic books. The crochet book is packed full of modern crochet stitches that I can actually understand.
 I've managed to finish one lot of the squares for one of the baby cot blankets, and I'm very happy with them. These are the colour mix I will use for the second blanket. By next weekend I will have the finished blankets to show you...with love.
 Oh this photograph has fallen on its head!! You can still see it though. A knitted beanie in 8 ply brown. Ready and set for the markets.

 Some mauve coloured yarn that Heather the feather 'made' me have. She's so bossy! lol

 Some yarn that I have never come across but everyone has been telling me it's pretty good to knit with. It is a cheap yarn from a cheap shop but to my surprise it is very very good.
  Last night I had a go at vegetable lasagne, it turned out pretty nice. I found a recipe for it on the internet and instead of bechamel sauce, it used ricotta and parmesan cheese mixed together. 

That was nice but the consistency was thicker than I would've had it. I will make it again though using bechamel sauce.
 Now...all the normal stuff aside, here comes the funny stuff. You can all have a laugh with me as I take you through the next lot of photographs. If you don't know it Australians are known for laughing at themselves and poking fun...just for a laugh. That is why we sometimes get into trouble in other places, but here it is very 'normal'.

This will be especially for my Italian blogger friends who can have a chuckle and I will too. 

The town where I live has many similarities to Italy. We have our own historic sites. Our own Trevi fountain, Spanish steps and Roman forum. 
Here goes.......

This is our Trevi Fountain 
                                              coins here!!!!!

 Our statue like Julius Caesar!
....but we only have this one.

 Hugo Throssell

The River Tiber
(Avon River) for here!

 Our version of the Spanish Steps.
We have a few stairs less though. About 132 steps

 Our Roman Forum.
This is the biggest gathering of any old buildings 
around here. lol

 Rialto Bridge...our version
 Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius

 ......bollards like around the Colosseum...and don't think
I can find anything to even resemble the Colosseum!! lol

 Mt. lava here.

One of our oldest buildings in town....almost as old as those in Rome...not! But in another 2850 years it will be as old. lol

 Now to get more on the normal side of life......this is a view of our town site. We are within valleys and hillside, a beautiful view. This is a section of our town site from the top of Mt. Ommanney.

 The Australian country side is pretty awesome, with much natural beauty to take in and chill out to. Very relaxing I must say. This photograph has been taken in the winter time, so it's lovely and green. I do tell you though, long grass in the winter or summer is always suspicious to the good old Australian's.......we think about snakes all the time!!!! lol
 In our town we are fortunate to have these beautiful creatures just roaming around the river side. These two are actually very close to our main street and they just laze around in the sunshine. We have many white swans in our town and we are a breeding capital for these magnificent creatures.

I hope you've had a great giggle with me, I certainly loved it. We all know you can find beauty anywhere, it just depends if you're looking. The very best wishes for the coming week, have fun creating, living and being happy. They're all good elements for the soul.
Ciao, Anita.


webbsway said...

O, I love that pink variegated yarn. It is so lovely. I also LOVE your pictures - what a beautiful country with beautiful people and Love those Swans!!!!!!!!!! You are so very special.

Jane Galley said...

thank you for the trip around where you live, it's good to see you in such a happy mood, love the Trevi fountain

Maria said...

I always love reading your post Anita.. Thanks for the laugh...
The baby squares are lovely as is the wool Heather made you buy and the variegated pink that jumped into your bag too.
The beanie will keep someone's head nice and warm....
Have a great week my crazy friend. 😘😘

Julie said...

The area surrounding where you live looks amazing Anita ... very picturesque. Your new yarns look pretty great too. You do make me laugh with your sense of humour :-) Have a great week Anita .. hope you dont have to work too many hours this week.

Verbena C. said...

Dear Anita, very funny your "little Italy".
You live in a nice place. Have a great week.

tesselleelle said...

Mia dolce Anita, mi son molto divertita a leggere il tuo post veramente eccezionale, bella l'idea di affiancare i luoghi in cui vivi con parecchi luoghi e simboli sono orgogliosa della mia bella Italia che adoro e che so, adori anche tu, ma anche i meravigliosi posti che ci hai mostrato sono altrettanto motivo d'orgoglio......ti leggo sempre con tanto piacere, sei unica, un abbraccio grande,

JoJo said...

LOVED seeing the pics of where you live! It's beautiful! Of course the song 'three coins in the fountain' started in my head when you said you had a Trevi fountain....till I saw it. lol Not sure there's room for three coins!

Mereknits said...

You are just so much fun.

Karen S said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your tour of the sights of Northam. Your selection would rival any city in the world!!!! I especially loved the horse sculpture.
As always, lovely to see your knitting and crochet work.
Fancy letting you loose in the office????

Angélica D said...

Hi dear Anita !, qué bonito tejido m, y se ve el verano allá mm lindas fotografías
Espero que tengas un feliz dis


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