Sunday, June 12, 2016

Precious memories

                               No act of kindness
                                    is ever wasted
                                      - AESOP
Good morning to you all! I have a sweet story to share with you girls today. At the markets last weekend a lady approached me and asked if the crocheted items on our stall was mine. I told her it was and then came her request. Out of her handbag came two crocheted squares, one completed and the other still had to be finished to the end of the row.

These two precious squares were made by her Mother, who has now passed away. The lady wanted to give her own grandchildren something made by her Mother. Each of these squares are to be used in 2 separate cot blankets and I have threaded a pink piece of yarn through these two squares. I will use each of these precious squares as the heart of the blanket as these will be the loved pieces for the family.

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I warm to the gesture as my own Mother passed away years before I had my own precious boys, so I know they both missed the opportunity to have something special made for them by their Grandmother. They did however, get loads of things made from Heather the feather and I knitted heaps of stuff for them too. Those precious things are packed away with love. My boys won't be missing out on any memories. We always look for the positive in all situations.

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As the weather has turned pretty cold around my part of the world, it's tea cozy time. I have found a fabulous colourful pattern with heaps of cool looking flowers on the top.

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Heather and I went to the York markets yesterday with steady sales and a crisp cold day, we had a fun filled morning. The scarves, cowls and beanies are starting to be the favoured items on our stall. Looks like we will both be busy over the next couple of weeks re stocking.

After the markets I decided I needed to plant all the lovely plants I purchased from lovely Anne and Harry, the neighbouring stall owners from 'Our Patch". As I came to the front yard I noticed flowering on some of my bedded plants. How lovely are these flowers? The white flower is from a plant I had purchased from Harry and Anne last time. They look wonderful guys!!! 

 This is a purchase from yesterday. Very cute! I love the red tint running around the brim.

 This was only going to be a quick post today as I'm scratching for time a bit. lol Before I take off, thanks for the giggles and your help this week Brianna and both make me laugh so much. Francesca and Verbena...thank you for keeping the love of Italy in my thoughts. Thanks to my wonderful blogger friends who visit my blog and leave positive comments, they keep the fun alive.

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This week I will be concentrating on the two cot blankets and knitting some beanies. I will also concentrate on burning the fire wood my hubby has brought home....I know he likes that. lol

Have a truly smashing and fun week ahead.

Ciao, Anita.

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Jane Galley said...

what a special task to be given, it will be really special. Glad the fair went well, have a good week

Verbena C. said...

Have a good week. Greetings from Italy ♥

JoJo said...

What a labour of love to be able to work on those squares for the woman!

busybusybeejay said...

What a brilliant project for you.Share your progress with us.Barbarax

Sandra :) said...

The first part of your post made me sniffly and smiley at the same time - so sweet! I agree with JoJo - definitely a labour of love!

Mereknits said...

I just love that story, I am so happy she trusted you with those special squares.

Maria said...

What a beautiful thing to do for the lady... I am sure the blankets will be treasured....your boys are lucky to have a special friend like a Heather and you to have made lots of handmade things they can use later....
WOW what beautiful plants.. Must visit your garden one day and also enjoy a cuppa from your teapot with the cute cosy....

Karen S said...

I think it is so lovely that this lady wanted to use something her mother had started. That will be a special memory for her children.
The flowers for the tea cozy look great.
Looks like good work is being done in the garden, too.
I hope you are keeping warm. I miss having a fire.

Kim said...

Oh how lovely to have this lady ask you to crochet her some lovely blankets with her mum's crochet granny squares to be featured in the centre. I love stories like this. Loving those tea cosies, Anita. You and your pretty woollies seem to be the talk of the town/markets. Have a great week!

Angélica D said...

Hi Anita , un bello trabajo ,, me gusto mucho conocer tu blog ,

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

What a lovely story, how precious xx


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