Sunday, January 31, 2016

Good friends are like stars,
you don’t always see them but

you know they’re always there.
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Good morning groovers and shakers of blog land!! How you all going? I love Sunday mornings, it’s just one of those take it easy days.

 I eased into my first day back at work, having to only work half a day. Now you would think that’s pretty cool and steady going hey? Well the day turned into a bit of a nightmare. In dot point.....
Banger sinus headache
Weather stinking hot
Come home, take tablets, lay down for 3 minutes
Dog barks, we all go out to investigate......
Another rotten snake in the yard....she’s a big one!!!
We  have to jump into the pool with all our clothes on
Go down town to buy a ball
Have to phone police.....a guy buzzed out on drugs is terrorizing the street
That night I dream of snakes and fall out of bed
Day done
Now back to happy Sunday. Lol
Happy stuff.....
My cute knitted hot water bottle cover (no buttons yet)
 Some beautiful hot pink cotton that I made two sweet baby cardigans out of, This first pattern is from the magazine Knitting and Crochet treasure. No. 1. It had a lacy pattern on it that I wasn't really fussed on so I made it plain.

 A darling cross over short sleeved cardi

 Spoils of war....
some beautiful gifts from Heather the feather. lol
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 Great find at the local library

 Another great find........pieces of a ufo....a cardigan that I had to stop knitting to start on my market items last year. I’m so back into it now. I finished the two fronts and I’m half way up the two sleeves. All I have to do now is find the back!! lol

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 Nothing like a good stroll through the garden after it’s rained. Yes people.....we had rain!!! Yeh har!!!!!

Well I have a pile of ironing that I simply cannot escape, no fairies have come and done it for me while I did this post...which is a pain in the neck, I kinda hoped they would do it for me. Lol

Have an absolute ripper of a week, be truly happy you have this wonderful day to use how you want, and think of a positive word about yourself. Crazy is popping into my mind.
Ciao Bella!!!

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Julie said...

Wow Anita .. what a day you had for sure. And then fell out of bed to top it all off!!! Hope the coming week is good to you. Your knitting is gorgeous as always, lovely gifts from Heather the feather. Your garden looks wonderful ... please Oh please send some rain our way. We need it so desperately.

Maria said...

Oh my friend you do brighten my day with your just have such a great way to tell us about your day..I know it wasn't funny but !!
Lots of lovely knitting there ...
Oh I just realise I dIdnt answer your last email, sew slack of me..XXXX sorry......

Jane Galley said...

oh, I do hope this week will be a little easier on you. At least you have some gentle knitting to ease the nerves

Karen S said...

No, the ironing fairies do not visit my home, either. I wonder who is keeping them all to themselves?
Lovely to see some knitting and you staying out of mischief for the day. The little pink outfits are lovely. They will go quickly.
I am delighted to learn that you had some rain. Your garden will love it.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a better way to start my week than a visit to your blog. I hope all the joy yoy spread finds its way back to you . . times ten! And aince your Sunday begins before mine does in Minnesota, USA, I know I can find your rather early in my morning! Peace.

Mereknits said...

Well that is some start to your week! It can only get better from here. Hugs to you, stay dry, no headaches and no more snakes okay?

Fiona said...

what an exciting place you live at!!! all that happening... wonderful to have had that rain and your garden looks wonderful for it...

Narelle said...

I've done everything I can think of to entice those fairies ... they just won't visit me either!
I do hope there are no more days like that one ... plain (or purl) sailing from here on :o)

Kim said...

Gosh, you live in an 'exciting' neighbourhood. Love all those knitted woollies. Your garden is looking lovely....what a difference a little H2O makes.


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