Thursday, January 14, 2016

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Hey....Good morning gals!
Tick, tick, holidays are fast running out, and boy, am I struggling with that. 

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Though I will pick out all the good bits about my holidays. I've had
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.....had sleep ins, made heaps of great stuff, caught up with friends, gone swimming, kept up with going to gym, emailing to my blogging friends. Oh I could keep going on here. 

How about I show you some of the groovy stuff I've made. I've had a blast. 
A cute little ruffle bag for the markets, just loving the out there colours. This little bag is  big enough to carry your purse, phone and keys. I use it when I'm meeting up with friends for morning tea. Just right.

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Little girls dress with crocheted yoke. Visit Pinterest for some crocheted yoke ideas.

Come all knew there'd be some knitting somewhere in my new post. 
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Tizzy knee warmers for the little gals for winter topped off with big buttons for some extra zing.

                 Oh yes and some more on the go....

    Donated yarn that has been turned into a great little baby cardigan. I adore the turned collar and it was pretty easy to do. 

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Pink and darling prints always are an eye catcher, so I'm hoping the two laundry bags I have made will sell at the market. Surely some little girl will love these.

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The size is about 29" x 24" and double stitched for extra strength.

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Couldn't help but make another mug rug. I have made a couple of these now, they will be off to the tourist centre.

 A cup of memories

There are heaps of super patterns for mug rug across the net, so if you want to give them a go....the world is your oyster for designs.
Well my little petals, I'm out of here. 

Everyone still has their eyes shut around here so I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts. Just me and my head. lol
Have a beautiful day!
Ciao, Anita.


Mereknits said...

Anita you are a whirlwind of activity as usual, love everything you have made. Hugs to you,

Julie said...

Somehow I missed this post Anita. Phew you sure have been busy my friend ... I adore that little ruffle bag, your colours are gorgeous. And all your knitting & sewing - looks like you are enjoying the holiday time to create in your craft shed. Keep up the great work Anita.


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