Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome 2016

Welcome 2016!!!
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Another new year has rolled in to offer us new challenges, projects, memories and fun. Let's see how that pans out for us all! I'm hoping for a fantastic year of creating, learning and whatever else comes my way.

What better way to start the year than with some of my hilarious work mates. 
 These gals are gems, love them heaps.

My aim for the holidays was to get a good start on winter stock for the markets and I've stuck to my guns here. Come and have a squiz at what I've been up to.....
A cute sweater for a 2 year old, knitted in 8 ply yarn, using size 8 needles.

 A close up for you to see the simple pattern.

 This cute little newborn cardigan knitted also in an 8 ply yarn.
  I had some leftover yellow cotton so I thought I would knit up a little face washer and crochet a delicate edge around it. 
 Had enough left over to crochet a small flower to add to the collection.

 A couple of sweet baby hats. 

 More proof that I'm also sticking to the promise I publicly declared about doing other crafts than just knitting!!! LOL A crocheted yoke to go with some fabric. I will show and tell this when I have finished the project.
 Some of my favourites....beaded dolls in the making. 
 Ah and of course....knitted baby bootees. You knew that was coming hey? 
 Love the groovy fabrics? I'm hoping to turn this stash into ruffle bags. Give me some cool days so I can bash my sewing machine to bits, and churn these beauties out.

 Oh my!! Where did this yarn stash come from??? lol I have to own up, Cory and I went to Midland and stopped in at Spotlight. There was a great sale on, so we had to buy. lol 
 Now, I've decided to try to redo the backyard and put out some potted plants. Wish me luck with this as I'm not sure how successful I'm going to be.

  I don't sound confident you say?
 One guess why.........

 I've left the ickiest story for last....On Tuesday I was standing on the other side of this tin gate, about 6 inches away. On this side of the gate, is a very big snake coming towards me. 
This same gate is where Milo always stands up on if I'm down the chook yard. 

If I yell out for help, Milo will run to the gate.
If Milo sees the snake he will run to the gate.
Milo is now coming towards the gate because he sees me. What do I do? I throw the egg I have just collected from the chook house and Milo chases it. 
I hitch the fence and grab Milo.
I don't know where the snake is now, I've lost sight of it. Is it still in our yard under the wood heap? I don't know....and I still don't know.
My Aussie bloggers...please be aware of snakes, they're out.Image result for clip art snake

On that freaky note, I'm out of here. I have and feed the chooks. lol
Ciao, Anita.


Julie said...

Gosh Anita you sure have been creating up a storm there . Loved little Milos face. I am SURE he wouldnt do anything to your potted plants Anita !!! (wink) So scary to read about the snake - we dont have those over here YET. Happy creative week to you Anita x x

Jane Galley said...

You have been busy! Love the little jumper. Hope the snake has gone to annoy someone else

Maria said...

Lovely bunch of friends Anita.. Did you lick their faces???
Lots of great projects for you to sell at the markets ah!
Good luck with the pots and the snake.....

Karen S said...

Great to see you have been able to get ahead with your knitting as planned. Lovely projects every one.
Yes, I understand the problems of keeping a garden and an active dog at the same time. Not easy!
Say no more about THAT snake!!

Mereknits said...

You all look like a lovely bunch. I had that snake in my house sunning himself happily on my carpet last year, I am not a fan of snakes!

JoJo said...

You are so prolific! And EEK on the snake. You guys have so many scary critters down there in Australia!

Sandra :) said...

Oh my, I'm skipping anything to do with snakes. Real ones, that is - I have a couple of patterns for the stuffy type, and I quite like those :D Look at how much you've gotten finished - does that first sweater - the blue one - come in size 53 year old lady? :D That stitch doesn't look simple to me - it looks quite tricky and pretty! I love everything, but my favourites are the beaded dollies - I have several of them pinned - you should link to your tutorial in this post - I'm sure others would be interested in seeing it as well!

Fiona said...

lovely post except for the snake part.... its so great that you work with people you get on so well.. makes such a big difference

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, all that lovely knitting and in the heat of Summer no less. They are all lovely. that is a wee bit scarey. Enjoy your holidays, Anita.


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