Sunday, February 14, 2016

 “As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once”.
-John Green, The Fault in Our Stars
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Hi there groovy gals! I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day!! Valentine’s wishes go to my old stallion Pixie, who is away gokarting this weekend. Lol

Phew, it’s been a busy week. I had an extra day of work, which was very handy money wise. Enjoyed a great afternoon yesterday with Heather the feather, and she was actually pretty civilized for a change. Lol We had one of those really special together times and sorted the world out. It’s great to share some timeless moments with a friend, a giggle and a’s great. Lol

You wanna see some of my finishes this week? Sure you do.

Come on.....let’s go......
 Heather and I took ourselves and our tent to the markets last weekend. It was a bit slow but we received many orders. Heaps stoked about that.

I have been thinking about what sort of things to make for the markets over the summer period, so I though cushions would be cool to make. I love this fabric because it has the alphabet on it but in vandom order. It doesn’t matter where I cut the fabric as it doesn’t have to match only for the squares to line up but that’s easy peasy!!

Yep...some cute little ruffle beanies ordered and made.

A sweet little baby short sleeve top and the pattern was interesting as the front is off centre. I rather liked that about the pattern. Click here for the pattern.

 A long sleeved baby jacket

 Aboriginal hat ties and head band.

 Molte grazie bella Laura
Look how lovely this gift has been wrapped. The typical style and class of an Italian person.
 Awesome bird pics. See mum feeding baby?
 Got any more mum?
 This is my toy I’m allowed to chew it. Just sayin’.......
 My place of Image result for clip art hearttranquility.....

Wishing all my friends a super week ahead. Dusty, Edge and Piper......I hope you all have a groovy time and get up to lots of fun. Lol Catch you next time my blogger friends.

Ciao, Anita. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day. Beautiful hand crafted items as usual.

JoJo said...

Your dog is soooooo CUTE! Love all your crafts and I hope you do well at the craft shows! I know you guys are dying in the heat...but here it's -27F with the wind chill.

Karen S said...

I was wondering if you had started back at the markets. Great to know you received lots of orders. That does make it worthwhile.
The pillow is fun. Our kids like different pillow cases, too. And the baby jackets are Lovely.
How did you go finishing off the chook shed removal. Al done?
Hope you get a few more work days!!

Mereknits said...

I had a much needed morning with a friend yesterday, they are the best aren't they?
Hugs to you and Happy Valentine's Day,

Maria said...

Sew nice to have spent quality time with Heather the Feather...
Great to have got some orders at the markets..
Cute frilled beanies and great kids cushion...
Nice toy for Milo. Does it help keep him out of the garden?

Jane Galley said...

You have been busy, and good to come away with some order. That alphabet fabric is fantastic

webbsway said...

AHHHHHHH Man -, you not only live where it is beautiful - you also have wild finches that I only see in the pet stores over here. Wow! I am So jealous.


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