Sunday, January 10, 2016

Don't worry
Be happy
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I'm thinking our summer and Mother Nature is joining forces in our parts and giving us a hard time!!! We had a weird summer thunderstorm here yesterday that left us without power for around 3 and a half hours. I checked on Heather across the other side of town and she was ok. That little moo cow had her power back on after only a short time. Moooooo!

We were getting a bit concerned about all the food in the fridge and freezer, our temperature was about 39C. But you know what? Keep is all good now.

Last time I blogged, I told you about the whopping big snake we had....well, sadly we came to the conclusion that one reason we were getting bigger snakes coming in was because of all of our chickens. So with a heavy heart we found them all a new home out on a farm. 
Thanks to Jim, Lisa and the kids for taking our chooks and Chester. I had to text Lisa a few hours later to see how they were and she kindly sent me a couple of pics.

On a happier note I have finally finished my beaded dolls. These little girls are off to the Tourist Centre to be sold. I really dig the fabrics I purchased, so bright and happy.

 \                                    Other items off to market are: 

                   Cute little covered coat hangers

                            Knitted cotton hats
                  Knitted headbands for newborns
                  Knitted hot water bottle covers
This little cotton cutie is still on the go. It is a free pattern here. I have knitted it using a cotton yarn, but I believe the pattern is for an 8 ply yarn. It is a knitted from the top down pattern, and that suits me just fine because there is not much in the way of stitching up.

Today's plan of attack is to get some sewing done before it gets too hot. I am going to make some more ruffle bags to sell and one is already sold even before I've made it. lol
I'm also going to do some silent prayers for our Aussie friends down south in Western Australia at Yarloop. They've suffered a devastating fire that has wiped the town out and the fire is still on the go. In fact, across Australia the bushfires are burning away. 

Regards,  Anita.


Maria said...

Sad the chooks had to find a new home but you can't have big snakes visiting....
Cute beaded dollies and lots of lovely knitting for your market...

Couldn't you have gone to sit at Heather the Feathers and use her power

JoJo said...

Too bad about the chickens having to leave. I love those dolls, they are adorable. I heard about the fires. Not good! Glad that your food didn't spoil. A couple years ago we had a bad blizzard that knocked power out for days. But it was so cold out that I dragged a big cooler outside, buried it in the snow, put our fridge/freezer food in it and shoveled snow on top. Kept everything just fine.

Karen S said...

That is a great collection of items for the tourist centre. They are obviously popular. Sorry to hear about the chooks leaving home but it is probably safer for them, too, as well as you.
Glad your power is back!
I have been watching the news about the fires with great sadness. And it is crazy to think that only last week areas on the east coast had floods. This Summer seems to be far too long.
Take care.

Mereknits said...

So sad about the chickens and those fires, such devastation. Love your makes, but not the snakes!

Kim said...

....and still she knits in that hot, hot weather! You are amazing, how do you do it?? All your makes are lovely. Those sweet little dolls won't be sitting at the tourist centre for very long. That little cardie is very pretty and those baby head cute! I have been watching the tv re the fires over there, it is all too sad. Try to stay cool over there, Anita.

Jane Galley said...

We were getting power cuts a couple of weeks ago, fortunately, they weren't for long at time. Sorry you've had to say goodbye to the girls, but glad they've gone to a good home. Happy knitting

Narelle said...

You really have to wonder the direction Mother Nature is headed in ... not very friendly sometimes.
Hope you're still able to enjoy your chicken's eggs now and then.
Sweet items for the market ... happy creating in 2016 xx


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