Sunday, March 30, 2014

I did it!!!

Let us pursue what makes for
peace and for mutual upbuilding.
-Romans 14:19
It is with cheer that I can tell you....I managed to put my knitting needles down long enough to do some stitchery and sewing!! I think it must’ve been the cool weather we’ve had around here. It was very comfy sitting in the sewing shed having a great old time. My favourite crafts magazines are out there, so I pulled up a bit of bark (chair) and flicked through some of them. I came across this cute little pin and needle holder and just went for it.
So sweet
The original pattern had ric rac running down the side but as I have a love of buttons, I thought I would change it a little. It measures about 3 in x 7in and a very handy little accessory to have.

I recall making a pact with myself not to purchase any more yarn....well that went out the window on a recent trip to the craft shop. Couldn’t go by a great deal. Buy 3 balls get one for free and they only cost $4.60 each in the first place. I suspect I’ll be back buying more now. Lol

Managed to make a bit more progress on a wall quilt I have been working on for some time.

Stitched with love
Someone had given me this panel with backing and wadding, so I’ve started quilting it. That was part of my work yesterday in the shed. It’s amazing how much you can get done when the weather is cooler.

I text a friend yesterday to see if the stork had delivered her nephew....seems the stork’s GPS isn’t working....he’s lost, no delivery yet! Hang tight Ashlee.

A few pics of my childhood haunts being torn down...not very happy but at least I have some pics to look at and remind me.
 There used to be lots of sheep pens it’s just a big nothing.

This makes me happy though.....the island of Burano, Italy.

See you all another time.

Cheers, Anita.


Karen said...

You have been productive in your shed. I like the buttons, too, on the pin cushion.
Great idea to quilt the panel. That should look good.
I know you can't resist a bargain when it comes to wool!
Love your photos.

JoJo said...

I love the country themed quilt.

Barb said...

Love those buttons, nice switch :)
Also love the colors of both those yarns!!, especially the blue one. Nice find!!
Barb :)

Val Spiers said...

If only it was cool where I am. We are all dripping with sweat in the humid weather on the qld coast. Love your yarn purchase. The pin cushion finish is great and the panel looks lovely. What a perfect holiday snap. Just like a postcard.

Jane Galley said...

What an interesting quilt panel to work on, I find those relaxing to do

Fiona said...

love the little pincushion you made... so happy.....

Julie said...

Gorgeous pinkeep & wool colours there Anita. I actually had that very same country quilt panel & made it up into a small quilt with a few little country buttons dotted over it. I had it over a chair for many years & just loved it so much but the red & green faded where I had it in the sun, so it is now just used as a throw-over in our sleepout. Gorgeous colours in it - very country :-)


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