Sunday, April 6, 2014

Where did this week go?

Living well and beautifully
And justly are all one thing.
I can’t tell you where this weekend has gone, but I’m sure I liked it! Lol. I have been chipping away at a baby blanket that I have made several times now and very much enjoyed. I have made this blanket in plain colours before but I tried using a mixed colour yarn and really like how it turned out.
What do you think?

The blanket measures longer than the pattern stated because I added more rows. Here is the pattern if you want to try it.

I’m getting into the funky knitting patterns now because many of the young girls go for it. I, being the vintage and traditional pattern girl found it a bit weird to start with but I’m right into it now. This is the little outfit I’m making now, still for the same person who is due to have her baby in about 10 weeks time.

 I have affectionately named this bundle of joy ‘Little Jack’ for now. Mum is the gym instructor and boy she moves around. I admire her energy. The pattern is here.
Talking about the funky knitting patterns, young Heather the feather gave me this fab library book full of those modern patterns for babies and it’s an incredible book.

Lots of fun knitting here.

Oh talking about Heather the feather, get a load of this pic!! Lol This is what happens when you go to the toilet for just a moment and you leave her at the table with your bag of donated wool!!!!.......

She’s into it!!
Hair and feathers flying! Never turn your back on this one!!!! Love you to bits chickie.
I made the cake I made this morning....absolutely hacked to pieces by the boys. Only managed to get some icing on a small portion of the cake.

Very tasty.

The Year 12 ball was held last night and though only one of my boys attended.....he sure looked smart.

Very handsome.
I’m out of here for now, housework calls me and it must get done. We have enjoyed some much wanted rain and hope to get some more. Here’s hoping.

Cheers, Anita.


Jane Galley said...

Love the blanket, this little one is going to be well and truly spoiled!

Seams Sew Together said...

Great Knitting Anita and yes he is handsome, have fun!

JoJo said...

I love the blanket....those shades of blue are great. Your son is gorgeous...all the young men and ladies in that last picture are. I don't remember teens being that good looking when I was that age!

Anthea said...

Lovely knitting as always Anita, & the Ball pics are great, I hope your son had a fab time...

Sandra :) said...

Love the variegated blanket and the kimono - your needles have been flying too! That IS a lovely collection of teenagers - all ready for their next life adventures :D I'll have a piece of that cake please, if there's any left, lol!

Fiona said...

love the knitting and that wool for the blanket is so effective...
yes, very handsome boy you have...

Karen said...

You have been busy. Love the blanket and the colour. Gorgeous.
The little outfit is looking lovely. That is an interesting way to knit it but it obviously works well. great idea.
That book is interesting, too.
looks like Heather knows when she is on a good thing!!!
Chocolate cake - of course it will disappear in a house full of males! They don't wait for icing!!
I think the photo of you and your son is wonderful. He is a good looking young man and will have the ladies lining up.
But I think mum will always come first!!

katherine said...

Gorgeous knitting Anita. Love the pics of the formal. Oh to be that young again lol but then again ... We have had 48mm here since yesterday and it is still raining down. I think we might easily top 55mm by the end of today!

Julie said...

Hi Anita - you sure have some gorgeous knitting going on there - I just love all your projects. I am glad they hack into your cakes like mine get hacked too !!!! cutting into with a blunt knife usually :-)
You should feel SO very proud of that beautiful pic of you & your son - what a fine handsome young man he is. Happy Sunday to you - Julie :-)


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