Sunday, March 2, 2014

Enough already!!! lol

I wish you all the joy
that you could wish.
-William Shakespeare.
Buongiorno to you all! With the help of a kind friend.......I think I’ve licked my addiction with knitting those cute little birds. I knitted some more of those cute little addictive things and a nest to go with them......

A nest full of birds
On Friday night I reluctantly put my knitting needles down to go to an Ag. Society meeting and was given the biggest bag of wool you ever did see. Not having to be persuaded, I took this bag home with me.....I was so full of love about that! Lol. I love my friends.

Can’t say no to this.
This past week has really been a knit-a-thon for me, as that is what I did mostly in the way of craftwork. I did manage to put my birds down long enough to knit a short sleeved 3 ply baby jacket for my nephew Jaxon. I will be making my baby nieces and nephews a jumper for the coming winter,, and boy, didn’t that bag of wool come in handy right now.

Love this colour
Today I have made a start on a knitted blanket, one that I have made before and thoroughly enjoy knitting. I have chosen a colour that the young mum’s love and will be ideal for a baby boy. It is an 8ply yarn and lovely to knit with.

For Jaxon, with love.
We’re in for a scorcher today the weatherman tells us, so later on sunset....I am going to weed around my favourite garden statue. I love sitting outside looking at this statue as it reminds me so much of the garden ornaments we saw in Italy.

I have made this to sell at the tourist centre, a cute little door hanger I found in one of those super great craft magazines. The finished size is about 7in x 5in and filled with pot pourri and toy filling. Super sweet and I love the colours together.

The chooks are out super early this morning for a scratch around and I couldn’t resist taking a shot at Chester my rooster. I love his bum always looks as though he’s had it kicked in. It’s a real stumpy tail end. He’s so funny to watch the big show off.

Right then gals, I hear the kettle calling out to me and I think the knitting needles have started to click without me. Have an incredibly fantastic weekend where ever you may be and love each day!!!

Cheers, Anita.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Great post lucky to have received all that wool! Your rooster reminds me of a rooster we use to have...he looked just like your one and his name was Bruce!

Karen said...

That is a huge pile of wool! Have fun.
Lovely little jacket!
And I like the colour you have chosen for the next project.
Sorry to hear you are getting horrible hot days again!!

Manda - Handmade with Love said...

Love the birds Anita! They are so adorable and colourful. The mint colour pullover is super cute!

JoJo said...

I have one of those exact same shopping bags! Isn't it great? Great wool too.

Jane Galley said...

I love seeing those old pattern books in use. I've got quite a few here, and love going back through them. Have fun working your way through the wool

Patricia Lewis said...

Don't let those needles start without you lol..... Lots of projects coming up :))
Have a great week, hoping it will be a little cooler for you :))

Lucy said...

Hi Anita!

I am a crocheter... and also a yarn hoarder, oh I mean yarn collector! I love the birds you knitted and you have inspired me to crochet up a flock!
Thank you for stopping by my place and I look forward to following your beautiful creations!

Anthea said...

They are such cute little birds Anita... have fun with all that yarn!


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