Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thoughts of winter.

There’s nothing worth the wear of winning,
but the laughter and the love of friends.
-Hilaire Belloc
Slowly but surely I have started to plough into the bag of wool a friend kindly gave me and there are some interesting yarns in there. A silky smooth brown coloured yarn came into mind, a bit tricky as to what ply it was. Not having the patience to knit up a sample to check the ply, I decided to have a go at a slouch pattern because I couldn’t really go wrong...if it doesn’t fit an adult it will fit a child...... fits a child!! lol
 Lol  I will put this away to sell at the craft shop. Turned out lovely though. A nice cable pattern and one I enjoyed making. The yarn I was using was probably a 4 ply but I will dig up a bit of 8 ply and make this hat again.
Click here for the free pattern.

Also from the same exciting bag I found just one ball of this incredible yarn with many textures. Not enough to make a vest, I figured it would make a nice scarf, so I’ve whacked 10 sts on the needle and increased to 14 sts and away I go. It measures about 2 inches across and as I will double it up, I will make it fairly long.

Roll on winter!!
Unable to forget about knitting toys, Heather has kindly let me use one of her knitting books to check out some different toys to knit. A very helpful friend is Heather......always trying to help me get out of housework (or into trouble). It is a book that has been around for a while and they’re the ones I love the most.

Around our part of the world, the heat just doesn’t want to give up easy, but this week you can feel autumn is trying to push it’s way in. A little relief in the mornings for the poor old garden.

Some of my happy friends.
Have a lovely week my friends, each day is special and full of some sort of crafting projects to be made. Enjoy every sun rise, every beautiful breathe you take and be happy.

Cheers, Anita.


Fiona said...

you are having fun with your knitting... will be ready to take on winter?

Seams Sew Together said...

Love your hat, looking good, not a lover of winter so not looking forward to the cooler days. have fun

JoJo said...

Winter is hanging on here like grim death! Love your knitting!

Astrid said...

Love the knitted hat and the yarn for the scarf looks so soft and beautiful. Lots of fun knitted toys in that book it seems. The summer doesn't want to give up here either, but the nights are slightly cooler. Can't wait for cooler days! Have a wonderful week!

Sue said...

Anita, your child size had made me smile.....I knitted one once ( I'm not good at knitting) and it fitted a was huge, could've attached ropes and made a hammock!

Karen said...

Great hat and the yarn in the scarf looks gorgeous!
Glad the weather is being a little kinder for you.

katherine said...

Shame. Its a gorgeous hat.


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