Sunday, March 16, 2014

We've been yarn bombed!!

It is not what we take up, but what

we give up that makes us rich.
-Henry Ward Beecher
By golly....our little town has been yarn bombed!! All sights were focused on our mall on Saturday morning on these bollards that had magnificent colours all over them. I wonder who struck us? I had seen this done in a neighbouring town and had a little chuckle to myself, Mind you, there are a few scallywags around here that I would have my suspicions about.

I had a wonderful week of knitting and dragged out a favourite and easy pattern for baby bootees. This little pattern knits up very quickly and is knitted in 8 ply. 
I am using the stash of wool I had been given and a fair bit of it is single balls of 50gm, I thought bootees or mittens would use up the wool nicely and I can donate them to the hospital in town. I will be keeping a couple of pair for little Jack. Click here for the free pattern.
Another knitting project of the week is this little gem called Kina. It is a free download from Ravelry. The pattern I used is a dolls size, but this one I knitted in 12 ply and has turned out big enough for a three year old. Click here for pattern.

 A trip to the local library and a treasure find!!! I just love shabby chic and there is nothing nicer than a hot cup of tea, soft lounge and flicking through some glorious pages of yumminess.
 Things that have warmed my heart this week.....

Knowing the hard road we’ve been on for months has almost come to an end
The smell of lavender
 A corner in the kitchen with some favourite ornaments
 Flowers taking in the warmth of the sun
Having our third son come live with us until he finishes Year 12
Remembering how happy I felt touching the entrance to Axel Munthe’s villa on the Island of Capri, Italy.
 The feeling of laughter as I tried to work out how they did this!!
 Remember to take time out for yourself. Keep the company of those who want to be near you......give the others the flick and don’t worry about them. lol
Sometimes we run too fast and miss the small important things. My mission has always been to be happy and intend to do so.
We are going to have a cooler day today so I have some fun time happening in that sewing shed of mine. Stay happy everyone.
Cheers, Anita.


Karen said...

Yarn bombing is such fun and it looks like this group has done a lovely job. It looks so bright and colourful.
Lovely to see you knitting, too. The little jacket must change quite drastically in size with the ply of the wool.
Sweet booties, too.
Another male in the house! Just to keep you busy!
Hope you have a good week ahead.

Maria said...

Hmmm it wasn't Heather and you doing that beautiful bright Yarn Bombing was it??
Love those boogie. And may download that pattern as I think I could handle that. The jacket looks good too ...

Jane Galley said...

Yarn bombing looks fabulous when it's first done like that, gets a bit sad after a while. You'll have to keep going out there and refreshing it ;)

JoJo said...

I love yarn bombing; I only saw a little bit of a bomb up in Provincetown last summer. So were you involved in this one in your town? :D

How is it done? Do the knitters take finished pieces out and just tie them onto things?

Julie said...

Oh I love that yarn bombing Anita - it looks wonderful!! I just love anything like that.
Your new booties & jacket are lovely also - gosh you sure do knit fast. Lovely photo from your trip also.
Have a great week, Julie :-)

Patricia Lewis said...

If I read the sign on the building right. I have spent many happy days in the heat of Northam...(as a child) I remember it being so hot but the old house we were in was huge and cool.. Happy memories :))
The little booties are so cute.. Hope you have a great week :))

Manda - Handmade with Love said...

Super cool yarn bombers you have there!! Love the tiny cardi and booties too!

katherine said...

The yarn bombing looks fantastic! love your little jacket and booties. Almost makes me want to pull the baby patterns and wool down from the top shelf. But I have plenty of time before I will need to knit for grandies lol. Great photos of your trip too. I love seeing them.

webbsway said...

O Anita,
How very lucky I am to pop into your lovely blog. I have missed you SO TERRIBLY much. You are such a special lady that you affect everybody whose life you touch.
Hugs, Linda


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