Saturday, November 3, 2012

Still knitting

Open your eyes to nature’s many beauties, and
your heart will open to life’s many joys and

Hi everyone, I’m just doing a quick blog today as I have so much crafting planned for this weekend. It’s a case of not enough time for so much to do. I have been hacking away at the baby knitting and enjoying every bit of it. The last trip to Spotlight saw me come away with several balls of cotton and I have found some nice patterns to knit up. I have started with these cute little bootees and I have made a cotton singlet top to go with it but I haven’t finished stitching the buttons on so I will show it next time.

Also to go into the boy collection of knitted baby things is this cute little beanie with a knot on the top! The blue and white yarn is equivalent to an 8 ply and took next to no time to knit up. It will also be very warm to wear, keep little baby’s head warm. I have also knitted up a jacket in the same colour, but alas, I haven’t stitched the buttons on that either, so that will be show and tell for next time too.
I am about to read an interesting book, and it is interesting in many ways. My partner in crime and crafting, Heather, has let me read this book of hers and it is written by her sister Mabel. It is about her husband and his experiences in the war. It should be a good read and I can't wait to get started.
A lovely blogging friend of mine happened to mention this Pinterest site she has been busy with. I have checked it out and now I’m hooked too. So many thanks Val!! Lol. I’m not sure what our weather is doing this weekend, I think it doesn’t know what it’s doing either!!  We have clouds, heat and wind happening all at once, so perhaps a bit of rain could be on its way? Enjoy this lovely weekend and stay happy.
Cheers, Anita.


Karen said...

Lots more delightful knitting of course!
Enjoy the book.
And watch out for Pinterest! It is addictive!

Lynne said...

Lovely booties (do babies still wear them? My mum knitted six pairs for Older Grandson but some have never been worn, either by him or his younger brother) and very cute hat in my favourite colour.

raining sheep said...

Happy crafting, such a great thing to do on a Sunday :) I love the little beanie toque, so cute!

Wendy said...

Such cute bootie and I love that hat with the knot! you've just discovered Pinterest then? Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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